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Snippet Sunday March 3, 2013

It’s Sunday again – and you know what that means …

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Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not.  And this week is also the first excerpts for The Write Club, so don’t forget to check out the authors there too.

I’ve been giving you a glimpse into my current release Worth the Risk, a story about two people who grew up together, fell in love and then separated. Last week, things were starting to heat up between Tanner and Molly – finally! And then…

“Make me come.”

Her gasped plea brought forth a deep chuckle. “Your wish is my command, baby.”

“What?” She paused, her brain choosing that moment to zero in on his innocent choice of words.

“Come for me, baby.”

She froze. That quick, the climax that had been spiraling out of control fizzled and sputtered out. She collapsed against the bed and swallowed back an anguished cry. “Stop.”

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. ED Martin

    Great twist – gotta wonder what happened to her (maybe with him?) that that word affected her so much.

  2. Marcia

    Oh no, whatever it was, it was the *last* thing she wanted to hear! Rotten for her but very intriguing.

  3. Joyce Scarbrough

    I suspect it was “baby” that’s the problem too. Nice job of making me have to know why then leaving me unfulfilled like Tanner and Molly. 😉 Can’t wait for more!

  4. Catherine Cavendish

    There may be trouble ahead for these two. In fact, I’m sure of it. Great extract!

  5. Clare Davidson

    I wonder what bad connotations the word “baby” has for her. Nice description of the moment slipping away.

  6. Ann Swann

    Uh, oh. Bad choice of words? Or just a bad word association for her. I’ll be back next week to find out!

  7. historysleuth1

    Mood killer right then when someone doesn’t realize they said the wrong thing. Very realistic.

  8. karen Y. bynum

    Don’t stop!! Great 8!

  9. Kate Meader

    I love how real this reads. Very nicely done.

  10. Claire

    Oh no! Terrible time to be distracted!

  11. Jane Wakely

    Uh oh! I think it triggered something from her past…but was it with him or someone else?? Can’t wait to see where this goes next! :)

  12. Anne Lange

    LOL. It’s a secret! :)

  13. Gemma James

    Wow! What a way to leave us hanging. Now that was a hook. Great tease!

  14. Anna Zabo

    Oh no! :( That’s gotta suck for both of them! He (and we) has no idea what just happened!

  15. Gem

    Well damn. @_@ You’ve left me as frustrated as her. :)

  16. Sandra Sookoo

    Nice cliffhanger! :-)

  17. normandiea

    Curious minds want to know. What’s the issue? Lol. Great snippet.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sneak Peek Sunday. :)

  18. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Oh no. What was the trigger word to ruin it all?

  19. Sue

    she obviously doesn’t like the term “baby” curious as to the reason

  20. Antonia van Zandt

    Definite twist here. What’s happened? Will they resolve it? Great 8!

  21. veronicascott

    Wow, didn’t see that about to happen! An unexpected twist, I’m hooked…terrific snippet!

  22. brendaashworthbarry

    Wonder what happened. Something pulled her away. Can’t wait to see why and what happens next. Great hook! :-)

  23. angelarosebooks

    I’m hooked!!! Now I need to know what happened!!!

  24. Virginia Kelly

    Oh no! What happened??? I’m guessing the word “baby” did it. Great hook.

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