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A change in plans, but not to worry, it’s Friday, the weekend’s here, and I’ve got just the thing for you if you’re wondering what to have for dinner!

overtonpurpleI had previously promised an interview with Overton, today, from Renea Mason’s Symphony of Light and Winter. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with both Cyril and Linden.  Unfortunately, Overton couldn’t make it today.  He’s feeling a tad under the weather.  I don’t blame him.  Summer’s over, and it sucks.  Well, not to worry, you’ll still get your chance to meet him.  I’m certainly not letting him get away that easily. ;) He’s promised to make it up to us in a week or so.


So, instead today I decided to share another book with you. A recipe book!  This comes from a new friend of mine, Ginnie Siena Bivona.  Ginnie has written a book called … Dirty Dining, a Cookbook & More for Lovers.  It’s the perfect cook book for me and many of my guests.  Each recipe in her book comes with an amusing preamble, a full dinner menu and the specifics for each recipe.   I love each story and recipe in this book.

Dirty Dining


In this book you have everything you need to create your own Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy romance….lots of laughs, over-the-top romantic scenarios (no red room required) a complete menu for each chapter, great recipes with detailed directions, a game plan (get it all done on time) and a complete grocery shopping list for every chapter. Christian and Anastasia would love it! Besides, who knows…maybe someday you’ll decide to write a book too.

And best of all, the recipes are excellent. We are talkin’ some seriously good food here. The author has whipped up some fast, easy and terrifically tasty dishes. Good enough to serve to your mother if your love life takes a dive. What’s to lose?

Chapter titles will get you to giggling even before you read page one.  This is one of the best wedding shower gift, birthday gift, engagement and/or anniversary gift, or a just for-the-fun-of-it gift you’ll ever come across.


Although today I’m sharing the book itself,  Ginnie has graciously given me permission to showcase a couple of the recipes. Within the next few weeks, I’ll bring you the instructions for a complete evening to share with that special someone … along with the stories that go with them.  Watch for Whips on the Wall to come first.

If you can’t wait, check out Ginnie’s website.

The book is available on Amazon

About the Author

Ginnie Siena Bivona has been cooking, teaching about cooking, and writing about cooking for more years than she will allow to appear in print. And she has no intention of stopping now. She hope you enjoy this book as much as she enjoyed writing it. She lives in Dallas, Texas, where she basks in the perfection of her (what appear to be) adult children, her wonderful grandchildren, her cute little condo and her writing life.


Ginnie’s latest book THE SECRET LIVES OF ORDINARY WOMEN available now as an E-book on Amazon.com 
Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party now available as an E-Book, Print & Audio Book on www.amazon.com 
See all Ginnie’s books at www.ginniebivona.com



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0 Responses to Steamy Scenarios! Torrid Romance! and Great Recipes…if you get that far.

  1. Anne Lange says:

    Thanks for stopping in Nikki Dee and Noelle. Don’t forget to check back when I share one of the chapters in Ginnie’s book. Who doesn’t like whips? ;)

  2. nikkideehouston says:

    Whilst I’m disappointed to be missing Overton, I was overjoyed with the post about Ginnie’s book! It sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing this Anne. I’ll definitely check it out.

  3. Oh, I’ll definitely have to get Ginnie’s book! A fabulous post, Anne!

  4. Renea Mason says:

    Dirty Dining – yum!. :) I talked with Overton and he’ll be stopping by on the 17th. He sends his sincerest apologies. Even if I have to tie him up and make him write it he’ll be here. Now there’s an idea…. Love my job. :)

    • Anne Lange says:

      Tell him no worries! Even men who live for, well, a hell of a long time, can have an off day. Besides, he’s cute, and can’t help but be nice. I always forgive the cute ones. But hey, there’s a few recipes in this book that could come in handy… ;)

  5. Anne Lange says:

    You’ll like them Shey. Hey, I think there’s a couple Lady Fury could make use of too ;). Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. Anne….recipes… I will be back. Ginnie sounds fandabby . Congrats.

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