He sits at the right hand of … Cyril

Thanks for stopping in today, Overton.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with both Cyril and Linden, separately of course. I have a feeling both of them in the same room at the same time would have been somewhat overwhelming.  And now I have the pleasure of speaking with you.  I have to say, I’m tickled pink at this opportunity.  Because, I do believe I’m may be one of the first, besides Renea of course, to do that.   

So tell us a little about yourself, Overton.  And I love your name, it’s so unique.

First, I’d like to thank you for having me.  Such a lovely host. 

Awe. Thank you *blushes*

overtonpurpleMy name, ah yes…  You may not know this but Stanton is my first name. Our lovely Linden, has taken to calling me Overton. All of my names come for the souls I was crafted from so it doesn’t much matter which order.  But I do believe that fiery beauty does it to keep me at bay.

*Anne laughs*

You want to know a little about me.  Let me see.  I lived a large portion of my life in England.  My affinity for the finer things that life has to offer, Bentleys, a quality waiter, good wine and beautiful music is in direct contrast to what I spend most of my time doing. 

Cyril will not allow us to have undo influence on mankind.  Even though I am mostly human, there is a part of me that’s not.  So I spend the majority of my time volunteering at the children’s hospital.  A perfectly humanitarian thing to do, don’t you think?  I love children.  The way they look at life is unique.  So simple.

I couldn’t agree more – until they become teenagers I think.  Unique yes – to them anyway. Simple – not so much. If you’d like me to prove my point, I’m quite willing to lend you mine for a few days. 🙂  But enough about me… I understand you were also “created” by Cyril, is that correct? How old are you?

Essentially, yes.  My body is that of William Stanton’s son.  Well, it’s my body as I’ve never been without it.  I don’t feel as though I’m living in someone else’s, even though I know how I came to be and watched the process unfold with the others.  William’s son was seventeen. I know I don’t look seventeen.

Ah…nope, you most certainly don’t *fans self* Damn. I think I might need water for this interview too.

Cyril wasn’t sure if his immortality would extend to me.  For many years, he worried I would age and die but when I reached full maturity, I stopped aging.  It’s funny.  I tease Cyril that he is the fountain of youth.  He usually tells me to sod off.

I have to ask, though, how do you feel about Cyril and his creation of you?  Was it a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?

It’s hard to answer.  I support his decision to stop.  I understand his reasons and think they are admirable.  He doesn’t want to upset what he calls the ‘balance’ in the world and because we are capable of more than your average human, he sees no good coming from it.  Taking into account recent events, I have to agree with him.

He also thinks that the souls that compose me cannot move on as long as I exist.  And he feels responsible for damning them.  

Really? He actually thinks that? And what do you think?

Rubbish.  It all comes down to free will.  All of those involved in my creation agreed.  Things may not have turned out as planned, but it was a calculated risk nonetheless.  Because of this I see no harm.

But I think most would choose it even if they knew the consequences.  It’s human nature to grasp at longevity. 

I once offered to sacrifice myself to appease his guilt.  I’ll never do that again.

That man seems so serious, but I sense his humor. And you seem to be the complete opposite. Do you have any special abilities or markings like Cyril does?

He is a rather serious chap these days, isn’t he?  He does have a fabulous sense of humour.  You just haven’t seen much because Linden has him wound tight and the last century has not been kind to him.  He’s had to overcome a lot.

I wouldn’t say we’re complete opposites.  But I tend not to be as serious and leave more to fate where he’s always trying to control things without actually controlling them.  It’s almost impossible to do.

I have no real unusual markings. I am large in stature for a human, as are all my family members.  Cyril’s blood must be a supernatural steroid.   I’ve been told I’m not to discuss my abilities or my Bentley will be impounded and replaced with Fiat in the next novel.  That would be bloody dreadful. 

LOL.  So, you’re large for a human.  Hmm.  Everywhere? 😉  Crap, sorry, that was my inside voice.   *sucks back some nice cold water!* And what about his other “creations”? How do they fit into the fold? I understand you guys consider yourself a family.  

A family… sort of.  We have to stick together for the most part.  Other than Moreaux who has always been a loaner, we need to stick together.  But even he makes his way back to us every so often.  We’re immortal, or mostly so, which makes rooming with humans impractical. 

They are my only brothers so that makes us like a family I guess.  Perhaps a cabal? Brotherhood?  Fraternity?  They are all fair titles.  Family evokes fewer questions in conversations with humans so we’ve stuck with that.   

Cyril created us but he’s more our leader, not our father.   He’s not very paternal but he can be quite militant.  I’d tell you not to tell him I said that but well… you know.  He has ways of finding out.

LOL.  I get the feeling that you’re not afraid of him anyway, Overton.  LOL.   And, what about Linden? What does she mean to you? And to the rest of your family?

Oh wow.  Linden.  She means the world to me.  She has brought so much life to our family, so much joy to Cyril, even though he doesn’t like to show it and well… things are interesting now.

Yeah, like breakfast in the kitchen!   Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

*he chuckles* The rest of the family has mixed feelings.  Because of our bond some are angry, like Sinclair.  Thor doesn’t quite know what to think, Rhys thinks it’s all bloody hilarious and has really taken a fancy to her. 

But I don’t think any of them know what she means to us.  I do.  And I welcome the journey.

Ooh, that’s a tad cryptic.  After we finish with this interview and ditch the others, I think we should grab a coffee or a drink and have a little chat about that journey, and what exactly you know!  But for now, what’s your greatest joy? And your deepest fear?

Linden.  I can’t help but smile when I see her.  Her tantrums are my favourite.  When she’s bossy, calls me by my last name or better yet the times she forgets to.  We all have a connection to her, but somehow ours seems stronger.  Perhaps it’s because Cyril used more of himself than he did with the others when he created me. I’ve never known the kind of joy she brings, so I treasure it. 

My greatest fear is that we’ll loose her.  But beyond that, I fear she’ll succeed in her crazy notice to break our bond.  She feels somehow since we had no choice in the bond she must release us.  That is bloody nonsense.  It would be travesty.

Uh, yeah, even I can see that.  Hmm.  She and I bonded. Maybe I can have chat with her too. If you could do anything else in your life, what would it be?

A perfect blend of curiosity and beauty aren’t you, Ms. Lange.

Now, Overton, are you flirting with me?  I’m just asking simple questions that everyone wants to know. *batts eyes*

*he laughs outright* I’d help Cyril with his current… situation.

Yes, he is in a bit of a bind, isn’t he. Now, you’re not mortal, correct? Can you have a family, children?  Do you see yourself settling down with somebody some day? 

I am not mortal, but unlike Cyril, I can die.  I do not have a family or children.  When you’re immortal, there is no settling down.  As soon as you get comfortable, they are taken from you.

Oh wow. That sucks!

*he nods, a grim smile on his face* I’ve learned to live in the present.   I do hope Cyril is able to find a way keep Linden with us though.  And, I hope it’s something he can live with.

Thank you, Overton, for speaking with me today.  It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you.  But I have just one last question.  Tell me one thing about Cyril that he would never admit about himself?

He is the most compassionate being. To think of all he could do if he were to selfishly indulge but he doesn’t, time and time again he bestows that mercy upon mankind at his own sacrifice. It’s why I not only stay with him but it’s why I would protect him in anyway.  His intentions are almost always noble.  His methods…that’s another story.   I have no doubt his placement on this world is no coincidence and without a doubt believe that he was a gift from God to save this world, he vehemently disagrees.

Well, he sounds like, all that immortal stuff aside, your best friend. And you love him just the way his is.  I know I only spent a short time with both him and Linden, but I could tell they were very special people.  As are you.  Thank you, Overton.

Thank you again, Ms. Lange for having me.  Such a pleasure.

Now, I do hope we see more of you in future installments, because I think there is so much more to learn about you 😉 For now, let’s give the readers a peek at Symphony of Light and Winter.

One woman. Seven men. All bound by one man’s undying devotion.

S of L and W coverFundraiser Linden Hill has a knack for reading people. She always knows which conversations will put a prospect at ease, which drink will loosen a patron’s lips—or his wallet, and how cleavage will make a donor sweeten the deal. She’s even foreseen her dateless weekends four hundred and sixty-four times in a row.

But ten years after watching life drain from her former mentor’s and first love’s eyes, her skills for divining the predictable are lost. When Cyril returns, he’s still gorgeous, but this time he’s beyond human, far less dead, and pissed. His lack of memory drives him to desperate acts, and his turbulent re-acquaintance with Linden pulls her into his war with a creature hell-bent on his destruction. His group of six supernatural men share a tantalizing secret, but despite the hunger, it’s love that leads her to sacrifice everything to save him…

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Thank you so much, Renea, for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing these characters.  I can’t wait for Book 2 and hope you’ll come back soon. 🙂

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