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On the Third Day of Christmas

Welcome to Day 3 of my and Shehanne Moore’s

The Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas

where we’re re-inventing the lyrics to this fabulous Christmas song and putting our own sexy twist on it in honor of the cover reveals for our upcoming releases from Etopia Press.

Loving Lady Lazuli (Shehanne)


Friends with Benefits (me)

We’re flipping back and forth, each day giving the next lyric in our song, and on the 12th day, or December 24th, (weekends have been excluded) we will reveal the covers to our new books, which will be available on January 17, 2014 through Etopia Press.  But the most important piece of info is the giveaway.  We each have one!  This is mine.

Cover Reveal Giveaway FwB1

My giveaway contains some Friends with Benefits swag, a holiday gift package from Fruits and Passion and an e-copy of Friends with Benefits when it becomes available on January 17th.  You could be one of the first to receive it!

Click on this Rafflecopter Link to increase your chances to win.

What’s your favorite Christmas carol?

As a minimum you must leave a comment with an answer to the above question. Don’t forget to leave your name and email so you can be entered to win. 

Note: Winners will be chosen after the post on the 24th. (Since Christmas is in there, just give us an extra day or two to make the announcement).

As an extra bonus!

Stop back in on the big reveal day (Dec 24th) , tell me what you think of my cover, and I’ll choose a second person to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

To check back and see what you’ve missed:

On the First Day of Christmas (with me) or On the First Day of Christmas (with Shehanne)

On the Second Day of Christmas

So, in the original song, the next line is

One the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

3 French Hens

Three French Hens1

Um….or would that be…

Three French Hens 2

You know, I’m thinking I want something a little different, still French, but…better than a hen

The Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas…

One the third day of Christmas, our true love gave to us…

Three French kisses,

French Kisses

KissTwo lace stockings,

red stockings

And a brand new pretty red thong.

Red thong

Meet Angela and Tyler

Check the Rafflecopter link for even more chances to win.

Stop in tomorrow where I’ll have the link to Shehanne’s blog where she’ll post the next lyric in our Christmas carol and I’ll share another of my favorite holiday songs.

Happy Holidays!


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  9. Bonjour mes ami’s. Three French Kisses. Yes please, Santa! Oh, and I love your Three French Hens. So much nicer than the Three French Daffy Ducks. I’ve put the Moet on ice waiting for the rest of the days to be revealed… Ooh la la!

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  11. Ranting Crow says:

    Well here is the only sentence I remembered in French Je ne parle pas Francais.
    So where is this going one could only wonder 10 humps 11 lumps of coal 12 hours of lustful hours Mary Christmas Ho Ho NO not there
    Okay Sorry Mrs Moore I behave next time.

  12. Oh la la! Three French kisses for the third day, I can’t imagine what we will receive on the 9th..10th.. day! C’est très joli! Continuez le beau travail, mesdames!

  13. Anne Lange says:

    Merci. C’est bon, Shey! Oui, it’s starting to get a tad hot in here je pense.

  14. Ps….gorgeous pic by the way.

  15. WOOH! Anne, it is starting to look tres sumexy. Hope you aimez les French here… At least my attempt at it.

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