Dec 29

They Tell Me Christmas is Over?

Xmas is over

Christmas is over! What do you mean? When did that happen? Where the hell was I?

It would seem the past week has sped by while I was tucked away in my office. My friend Shehanne Moore was looking high and low for me but couldn’t find me anywhere.  Even Ranting got in on the search.

Well, I had a very long “to-do” list of stuff that I wanted to accomplish over the holidays.  All of it writing/blog related. The first (after getting through the Christmas gift purchasing and wrapping and baking, which didn’t come to completion until Christmas Eve I might add) was switching my site over to a self-hosted platform.  Some parts of that particular exercise worked well, others no-so-much.   So if you used to follow me, I  hope you find your way back to this new (and hopefully) improved version.  I seem to have lost a few stragglers in the wind I think. If you did follow me, (and I pray you still want to) you may want to re-follow me just in case it didn’t transfer properly.   So, this is my first official post on this brand new site.


I have since scratched off a number of items on that long list.  Next up is developing my quarterly newsletter.  If you’d like to receive it, I’m going to add something to this site to let you know how to do that.  You can also let me know through my contact page, or just leave me a comment with your email.  The first one will come out in the next couple of weeks.  And I promise – only four per year.

IMG-20121224-00048Christmas at my house was quiet. Thank God. Just me, hubby and kiddos.  After the flurry of last-minute (oh, who am I kidding, I didn’t even start it until Xmas Eve) baking, at which point I could barely stand any longer, we did our traditional drive through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  It was beautiful. And peaceful and quieted my racing mind of “what’s next?” “what did I forget?”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter we got home, I set the table up for breakfast the next day, and then I sat down, put my feet up, and (finally) relaxed for a few minutes.

Once the gifts were opened on Christmas morning, the brunch out-of-the-way, and the turkey was all nestled snug in the oven, I hit the computer, and my “to do” list and … off to the races I went (again).

So now, I’m tweaking, yes, tweaking, not twerking (I DO NOT TWERK), things.  I’m setting up my writing plan/goals for 2014 (isn’t that what all good writers do?) and I’m creating some of the posts for coming weeks, issuing my local RWA chapter’s January newsletter, and then, THEN I can finally sit down and write. Yup, new words to finish book 2 in The Vault Series.

FriendswithBenefitsByAnneLange435x680 - smallerBook 1, Friend with Benefits comes out on January 17th.  I hope you watch for that. I have a number of blog and Facebook events I’m participating in over the next few weeks. I hope you watch for those, too. I plan to give away some neat, and some sexy, stuff ;)

But most of all, I hope you’re enjoying this time with family and friends. I hope you’re taking time to relax.  I hope you’re thinking about all the  great, wonderful, and fantastic things you plan to do in 2014.  Did I mention I plan to win the lottery?  Yup. That’s on my “to do” list too.  I need that so I can quit my day job and work on those other things on my list.

Happy New Year



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  1. noelleclarkblog

    Here I am!!!! :-) Sorry, it took me a while because my daughter (and grand children) live an hour away and when I visit, I usually stay over. Can’t even think of using my iPad over there because the kids have Wiggles and other kids apps on it. I don’t get a look in. Love the new web site. I too have been making plans, but I’ve managed to fill every space on my January calendar already! I’m not officially a full time writer, so I expect big things from myself this year. Your house looks beautiful Anne. Happy New Year to you all. xxx

    1. noelleclarkblog

      Oops, first typo for 2014. Make that ” I am NOW officially a full time writer”! Yes! I am so excited at the prospect.

  2. Ranting Crow

    Really make lists/ plans/ goals. I so suck at that.
    And welcome back. I found it. he he
    A refreshed web site for sure.

    1. Anne Lange

      Thanks, Ranting. Thankfully, I don’t totally suck at those things, well, at least not the plan and lists part. And I’m ok at attaining the goals at work. :) Good thing too since during the day I have to put my project manager hat on. Would be horrible if I couldn’t plan and attain goals on my projects. It’s only at home that I have difficulty :)

  3. shehannemoore

    Hello doll. Love the site and hope you have recovered from blog hopping with me.
    xxx So long as Crow finds his way here and Noelle, we are doing good

    1. Anne Lange

      Recovered? Yes, took a few cinnamon shooters though. :) Well, I did enable the bread crumbs feature, and Ranting has already found his way over. So we just have to search for Noelle. Maybe a flashing light?

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