Jan 07

Even Flint Couldn’t Save Me from the ABC’s


I tried, but he told me I was on my own. *sigh*

Truly, I am honoured *truly, I didn’t pay her*  that Shehanne considered me for this prestigious award.  As she noted, the first rule is quite simple.

Rule 1: Display the logo


Rule 2: Link it back to the person (that would be Shehanne Moore) who gave you this nomination.

Rule 3:  Let’s skip rule 3 for the moment.

Rule 4:  Name others to receive this Awesome Blog Content Award. I’ve kept it to just a few.  Sorry, if you’ve been previously nominated. This just means you’re extra special. :)

Feel free to pass though, if that’s the case.  Honestly, I won’t be insulted *cries, kicks chair leg, stubs toe, cries harder*

Nikki Dee Houston

Renea Mason

Sharon Struth

Rachel Firasek

Ally Sheilds

Now back to Rule 3:  Work through the alphabet, writing one word or phrase about yourself or things you like or associate with yourself,  that begins A…B….C….  All 26 of them.

See, here’s where I though Flint would have my back (or any other part of me for that matter ;) ).  But nope. He was hungry.  Can’t keep a man away from his food.

flint recipe

So, let’s see what I came up with…

Awesome – yup that’s me. At least in my own little world.

ABC TrustBad. But a good bad and Bake. I love to bake.

Careful.  I usually looking things over again, and again, and again, and STILL some small typo will slip by me.  rrgh.  Cook.  I love to cook.

Dinner party.  Remember I said I love to bake and cook? Then I have this great idea to throw a dinner party.

ABC Dinner Party

Aren’t they awesome?  However, about half way through the prep and then certainly just as the doorbell rings, I just wish everyone would go the hell home so I can have my house back to myself.

ABC Please go Now

Erotic.  Well, I do write the stuff, so I must have an erotic something or other in my body.

Famished…as I go through these letters, I’m skipping lunch. I’m starving!

Good. I’m so good I’m bad.

Housewife.  Technically, this is true. I do have a house and I am a wife. But I’m no Martha Stewart or Molly Maid.  I’d love to hire one though.

ABC guy housework

or two

ABC guy housework2

Icing. I can’t ice a round two-layer cake worth crap.  Never, ever, ever works out.  We eat a lot of pies and fruit crisps at my house.

My cakes never, ever look like this…

ABC Cake icing 2

They look more like this…

ABC Cake icing

Joyful.  Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa.  Also July, the month I got married.

Kissable.  At least my husband thinks so.  ;)

French Kisses

Likeable.  I think I’m likeable. People like me. Just ask them.  And honest, I don’t pay them to say it.

ABC likeable

Married. Yup, for over 25 years to the very same man.  Mom to three great kids.

Naughty.  Oh yessssss ;)

ABC Naughty

Orgasm….Remember, I did come up with

conv22Professional. At least during the day while doing the day job.  Once I hit home though, all bets are off :)

Quiet. I like my “me” time.

Reader.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read.

ABC I'm reading

Shy.  Truly, really I am.  STOP Laughing!  and Shoes.  It’s an addiction.

Trustworthy.  Silly people.  They trust me all the time.  You’d think they’d know better by now. :)

Understanding.  I am.  It’s probably a fault. I rarely say no.

Very, very, very hungry by this point.

Winter. I live in Canada, in a part of Canada that gets snow, so yes, it’s cold right now and we have lots of snow. (This pic was taken few years ago – and yes we have two cars buried under there and my husband waded out in waist deep snow (no kidding) to take the picture.)  We don’t have quite that much this year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAX-rated.  Always, at least in my mind and on paper.

Yuletide.  I love the season.  However, this year it’s sort of blown by me.

Zaid.  That’s how we say it in Canada. Not Zee.

ABC Trust and Canadian

And I made it through!  Now back to those fabulous bloggers I’m passing this great award too.  Not to worry, I’ll email you. :)

Nikki Dee Houston

Renea Mason

Sharon Struth

Rachel Firasek

Ally Sheilds


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  1. Noelle Clark

    A very daring expose of some of your fettishes! Great fun!

  2. nikkideehouston

    Oh, actually it was Antonia who gave me the award. Thanks Tonia. Anne, what is Callaloo? Is it a type of cabbage?

  3. nikkideehouston

    Oh, my dear Anne. Thank you SO much for bestowing this esteemed award upon me, but your partner in crime got in first. However, I’ll give you the link to my response to the ABC award. Here ’tis. http://www.nikkideehouston.com/1/post/2014/01/i-won-the-abc-award.html – But, can I say, I am just SO lame compared to your little expose of a lady who I thought was meek, mild, shy, family oriented, quiet, snow-bound…. You, Mz Lange, are one Hot to Trot erotic writer who is gonna melt a heap of people with your new release, Friends with Benefits. ;-) Thanks for the award. x

    1. Anne Lange


  4. Ranting Crow

    Ha ha to cool.Flint eating and you starving. Not very trustworthy that Flint.

  5. Rachel Firasek

    You are so cute. Thank you! :)

  6. shehannemoore

    my turn to LMAO. Love it. You clever gal missy. Sorry Flint couldn’t….get your back or any other bit. . And I am sure it was you really who came up with the five…. Hugs

    1. Anne Lange

      LOL! Yes, I split rule one into 2….Just cause. :)

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