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#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: Jan 12, 2014



Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences.

I’ve picked up right where I left off, last week in one of my current projects - A Legacy of Lies.  This is book 2 in one of the series I’m working on.  Jacob, the hero, is trying to find his missing sister Julia, and her best friend Elissa, the heroine, is determined to help him.  Only, Jacob has the hots for Elissa and he’s trying, very desperately, not to.

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Instead of pondering that strange assessment of her, Elissa opted to see if Jacob had found anything, and crossed the threshold of the parking area into the tiny room. The stench of cigarette smoke and mouldy carpeting wrinkled her nose. A sagging double bed leaned against one wall, a small round table with one wooden chair that had one leg shorter than the others perched next to it, nearest a door she assumed led to the bathroom—and she didn’t want to know what it looked like in there.

Jacob surveyed the area from the middle of the room—she wouldn’t touch anything either. There was no trace of his sister—at least not that she could see—but he gazed around the room, his line of sight taking in every dip, every shadow, every fibre in the small space, looking for some small hint of where his sister may have gone when she left here, or was taken from here.

When he dropped to his hands and knees to look under the bed, she thought for certain he’d find rodents hiding under there; definitely he’d pick up a few fleas. She’d need to remind him to scour his hands and later burn his clothes when he got up.

A muffled sound of triumph came from under the bed, and then he rose up on all fours and sat back on his heels, a mixed look of relief and elation on his face, a folded piece of paper clutched in his hand.


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  1. elyzabethmvaley

    Fabulous description! And I’m so relieved they found something (I was tense, worried that it would be another dead end or something would come at them out of the blue :s)

  2. Teresa Cypher (@Teresa_Cypher)

    Fantastic descriptive writing! AND, what is written on that piece of paper??? lol. Excellent! I’ll be back next week to see (I hope you give us that one) :-D

  3. S.J. Maylee

    Oh! What does it say? Fabulous descriptions. I feel like I’m with them.

  4. Charley Descoteaux

    I felt like i was in that room with them–great job! Hope the paper has a nice juicy clue (& no fleas ;)).

  5. Kate Warren

    I hope that piece of paper has some clue on it. If it’s a doodle of unicorns and rainbows they’ll be very disappointed.

  6. sueannbowlingauthor

    But did she leave the paper? Good description of the room.

  7. P.T. Wyant

    Love the room description! Can’t wait to find out what’s on the paper.

  8. veronicascott

    Loved the description of the room ,unpleasant as the place seems to be and then what a relief he found a clue! Great snippet!

  9. siobhanmuir

    A clue! A clue! Nicely done snippet, Anne. :)

  10. michellehowardwrites

    I hope his sister managed to leave a clue

  11. Sarah W

    Whew! At least it wasn’t a dead end . . .

    (love the fleas line!)

  12. Evelyn Jules

    Oh, thank goodness! Let’s hope the note is a solid lead for them. The sooner they can get out of there, the better! Great work, Anne!

  13. Author Charmaine Gordon

    Wait. Good news or bad. You’ve left us hanging here, Anne. Excellent description..

  14. Linda Hamonou

    Oh good, she left them a clue!

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