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Friends with Benefits TEASER No. 2

It’s another teaser from Friends with Benefits which releases on Friday, January 17th from Etopia Press.  It’s getting HOT in here! ;)

But FIRST… I’m over helping Shehanne Moore  prepare for her recital to welcome Devorlane Hawley home.   Loving Lady Lazuli comes out this Friday as well. You don’t want to miss it.  And, if you hop on over to Shehanne’s site today, you might just see another couple of teasers and maybe even an excerpt from Friends with Benefits.


Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY between now and January 20th.  And don’t forget to come back on Friday for the big day.  I’ll probably share another teaser AND you’ll get to see an excerpt.  This is a ménage after all ;)

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6 Responses to Friends with Benefits TEASER No. 2

  1. Glad you are saying that Anne. Crow get the cakes ready…Niiki …do u have a fire extinguisher?

  2. Ranting Crow says:

    He he one more day.. getting nervous yet :D
    and heat wise we could use some :D ha ha no not cold just chilled ::D

  3. Phew! Have some pity on the Aussies! We’ve got heatwaves here. Record breaking temperatures! You are adding to the agony, Anne! (But it’s very exciting).

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