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weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences.

Today, we are back with A Legacy of Lies, one of my many works in progress. The one you’re all familiar with.

Jacob (the hero), is trying to find his missing sister Julia, and her best friend Elissa (the heroine), is determined to help him.  Only, Jacob has the hots for Elissa and he’s trying, very desperately, not to. I missed last week!  Totally forgot until it was too late :(  You can see my last snippet here.

In the previous snippet, they’d found the hotel empty, a clue was left behind, but now Jacob’s friend Tagg has revealed his Julia and her kidnapper are heading towards Mexico.  That can’t be good.  In the following snippet, Tagg has just informed Jacob and Elissa that he’s secured them rooms for the night, but he insists Jacob and Elissa share a room, for safety’s sake, since they are in an unknown and somewhat questionable area.  We’re in Jacob’s POV.

He smothered a chuckle at Elissa’s face, which registered first shock, and then definite interest at his friend’s suggestion–for which he’d kill the smart ass later.

“No.” Jacob’s one word came out with much more vehemence than he’d intended.

“What? Scared I’m going to attack you in your sleep?” The bite-sized imp glared at him, but couldn’t hide the tiny bit of hurt from reaching her eyes.

Unfortunately, that was a definite possibility. She just didn’t realize it—yet.


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I’m looking forward to catching up with everybody.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 





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  1. Elyzabeth M. VaLey

    Grinning here. LOL Great snippet!

  2. Millie Burns

    You’re doing a great job drawing this reader in : )

  3. Sandra Nachlinger

    Terrific scene. I especially like his one-word response and the ending — yet.

  4. Sarah Cass

    My word how I’m loving this story…and this snippet just had me grinning all the way through…from her reaction to his harsh no…to his mental thoughts of her reaction.

  5. veronicascott

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this story – another excellent excerpt! I like Jacob…

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