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Author Spotlight: Farewell, Hello by Charmaine Gordon

I’d like to welcome Charmaine Gordon today.  Charmaine writes Romance/Suspense and Mature Romance.

Her current release is Farewell, Hello


Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72yWelcome back Charmaine!  I’m so glad you could visit with me today. Why don’t you tell the readers a little about yourself?  How did you start writing?

After a long career as a professional actor in NYC in daytime drama, on stage, and commercials, I lost my precious voice. What to do after the sweet time ended had me puzzled until someone suggested writing. I realized I’d actually gone to school on all the scripts I’d read and memorized. Plus the invaluable lessons from watching directors like Mike Nichols and Rob Reiner work magic and making friends with well known actors including Harrison Ford in Working Girl; Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally and Sir Anthony Hopkins who asked me to lunch saying, “Call me Tony,” on the set of The Road To WellVille.


You’ve had quite the career Charmaine. Something of a story in and of itself (ooh a few ideas are stirring in my mind) And, I love your friend list.  I’d love to meet Harrison Ford. (sigh) 

So, what drew you to this particular genre? 

I didn’t have a clue about genre. I just wrote a book about a woman whose husband deserts her and she has to rebuild her life one step at a time. This story got me a contract with Vanilla Heart Publishing and this year a producer called with an option for a television movie. How cool is this? Happy dance here and I hope to see To Be Continued come to fruition before long. 

OMG, that is so awesome!  It must be very exciting for you.   Have you ever considered another genre?  And if so which one? 

After writing a bunch of books about women who Survive & Thrive, all stand alone, some in a series standing alone, I wrote a story about older folks-what I call Mature Romance; people who believe “it isn’t over ‘til it’s over” and when the first story was finished, I wrote The Beginning. . Not The End. Thus a new genre began for me. People live longer and there’s a demand for stories to suit their tastes. A new demographic for the older set. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far that has improved your writing from that very first book to now?  

Trust yourself and when you doubt, find someone you have faith in to use as a sounding board. It works. Don’t be shy. 

Good advice. Now let’s talk routine. How many hours a day to you spend writing? Do you have a specific routine or do you wing it?  I would image coming from the industry you do, you’re used to working with a schedule.  

The routine is scattered but I write every day, at any time as long as the house is quiet. And when a doctor appointment occurs, I take the spiral notebook and continue writing. Why waste a moment? 

If you could give a new writer or even a younger version of yourself advice what would it be? 

Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe it’s a memoir or something from your imagination. Find time to write, even for fifteen minutes a day. Make a space to call your own. Use a computer, if you have one and don’t forget pen and paper work just as well. You may find, as I did, a story can blossom and there’s the thrill of creation. Enjoy it. Consider the time your personal journey. 

Finding the time is my biggest problem at the moment. I tend to get distracted with other “must-do’s”.  Especially if I’m at a place I’m struggling with.   What’s your favorite “non-writing” activity? 

I’ve helped raise my youngest grandchild since she was born, long hours with an infant, watching her grow up while my daughter works full time as a teacher. I’d write while rocking her, big blue eyes watching me as I wrote a hot scene. We have grown into a team; she’s six and a half full of fun and when she introduces me, she says, “This is my Grans. She writes books.” My best promoter. I used to play tennis daily and garden but hip replacement, rotator cuff surgery of both shoulders does have a way of changing one’s life. I’m like a car going into the shop for repairs all too often.

LOL!  If you’ve got a series, who’s your favorite couple? And Why? 

Jimmy and Shelley Costigan meet in Reconstructing Charlie. He’s a cowboy; she’s a basketball star at Northwestern U. They are a couple in Sin of Omission. He is now an architect and Shelley is a psychologist. This interracial couple has many hurdles to overcome before the final curtain.

I enjoyed watched them grow up and face the challenges before them and then the twins and color. The research proved to be very intriguing. 

I can imagine. What’s next for you in terms of writing? 

The working title is Housebroken. I’m having fun with this story but I always do. Every book brings laughter and sadness. This one has a lot of humor so far. Why write if you can’t enjoy every difficult moment of the craft? Sure, it’s hard to nail all the elements down, get it right but my blood sizzles, brain struggles, words fit together. It’s a joy. 

I’m picturing a puppy that’s finally learned to scratch at the door! LOL J List a couple of your favorite authors we would find you reading when taking a break from your own writing.

John Sandford, Stephen King, Susan Isaacs

Do you have any tours/events planned that you’d like to let us know about?  Where can we find you over the next little while?

Just today I was at Chico’s looking for shorts. One of the sales personnel said she wanted me to address her book club once they’ve selected one of my books. How nifty as I offered her a bookmark for her to check out on Amazon. I live in Rockland County, NY just 30 mile North West from NYC. An easy trip to the big city. Soon I’ll be at Barnes & Noble with my Romance Writers Chapter. That’s always fun. But now mostly it’s social media that gets the job done. I do believe in the power of bookmarks. I carry a bunch in my handbag and at any given moment I engage in conversation. It’s surprising to see faces light up when they learn you’re a writer. 

Oh, I know what you mean. I carry business cards, but I’m thinking of the bookmarks too.  And yes, when people find out I write, they become very curious! 

So, now, on to some fun stuff.  List some fun facts about yourself.  

  1. I build patios from found flagstone from upstate NY.
  2. There isn’t a rock I don’t love. Of course diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend but in lieu of those glorious expensive objects, I put flat rocks and boulders next.
  3. And feed the birds is my motto. We purchased a bird feeder and the word is out. They don’t leave tips though. Bad birds. And the funny thing is when wild turkey mama bird comes through pecking at the ground with her ten babies around her. Again no tip.
  4. Also I dance everywhere. In the Shoprite one day over the loud speaker, I heard the voice say “Will the lady in aisle 6 please stop dancing. You almost knocked over the display of baked beans.” I waved and moved on to boogie down aisle 7.
  5. Am I having fun? You bet.

I love the dancing in the aisle!!!  Shopping would be so much more entertaining if we all danced down the aisles.


Favorite Drink: Chardonnay

Favorite Food:   Broiled salmon, Risotto Rice and broccoli, crème brulee please (ooh, I love crème brulee.  I always order this when I’m out because I’ve never made it myself).

Favorite Movie: Burn After Reading for a good laugh

Favorite Summer Activity? Give me a beach with palm trees swaying, dolphins leaping from the water; add a young muscular guy named Ramone, who knows what’s what with a massage.  (You are my kinda gal, Charmaine 😉 )

Favorite Winter Activity? No more skiing because of hip but I can build a great snowman and have snowball fights

Favorite Vacation Spot (somewhere you’ve actually been): St. Augustine Beach, Fl

Dream Vacation Spot (you haven’t been there yet): Hawaii  (MY hubby and I almost went there for our 25th wedding anniversary last summer…but neither of us felt like dealing with the long flight – so we went to Vegas instead!)

Dream TV/Movie Character you’d love to interview: Harrison Ford  (Again (sigh) Can I come with you? I’ll take the notes. Please…!!)

What’s the one question you’d love to ask them: Do you remember the time we sang “Don’t Know Much About History” during a lunch break on the set of Working Girl?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Anywhere near my daughter and granddaughter.

Tell us a bit about your current release.  What inspired it? Or did you know what it would be about when you wrote the first book in the series?

Farewell, Hello begins in 1948, a time of innocence when mothers said don’t allow privileges and daughters didn’t know what that meant. A memory of how I met my first love haunted me. As soon as I finished She Didn’t Say No in January, I knew I had to write Farewell, Hello. The first part is based on a true story. The second half is a fictional account blended with reality of what I recall as a pilot’s wife during the Korean War.


k Introducing k

 Farewell, Hello


Charmaine Gordon


Concept CVR FH 1-1


That first kiss… that first incredible, agonizing, bellyache-making first kiss. Soon, Joy Davison and Danny Wilson are inseparable, planning a future — a life, together.

A kiss goodbye couldn’t prepare the high school sweethearts for all that lay ahead. A family crisis, a tornado, and the Korean War brought their plans to a screeching halt, and changed their futures… but maybe not their forever.



Inexperienced with women other than his high school sweetheart, Lieutenant Danny Wilson is stationed at a Randolph Field in San Antonio after receiving his pilot’s wings. A General’s daughter has more than an eye trained on the handsome pilot.


Without fail everyday when Danny returned from training, Gloria was there cheerful, loving and dressed to tempt the lonely lieutenant. She had a pin-up girl movie star look like Marilyn Monroe with dark hair and Gloria knew all the moves as if she practiced them enough to stir his blood. Even when all he wanted, needed was an hour of sleep, Gloria tormented him with long manicured red nails tracing the bulge in his trousers.  And the display of her overflowing tits drove him wild.

She sat behind the wheel of her very own ’49 maroon Cadillac convertible one night just as Danny was about to leave. “Sally’s out of town and the house is empty tonight, honey. She’s visiting her folks in San Angelo.” Gloria reached over, yanked Danny ‘s hand to press it to her breast. She kissed his neck, unbuttoned a few of the top buttons of his shirt and watched Danny rise to the moment.

Time to man-up, Danny thought; take charge. “Drive to Sally’s. Now.”

A few minutes later, she parked in the carport. He stormed over to the driver’s side, opened the door, and grabbing her by the hand they raced into the small house. She’d left the door unlocked.

“Come here, woman.” She did. A few buttons released and Danny stripped off Gloria’s dress. She stood tall, breathing hard.

Never in all his wildest fantasies had Danny ever seen such a woman. Perfection. Tan skin, creamy breasts spilling over some kind of bra attached to a hooked up girdle attached to nylon stockings. And high heels.

He stepped back stumbling over her dress on the floor.

“You’re gorgeous, Gloria.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, big boy.” Swinging her hips she moved close and turned her back. “Unhook me.”

Fingers trembling, Danny ripped the hooks apart and there she stood, legs apart after stepping out of nylons and heels.

Danny grabbed her by the shoulders to bring her close, fondled smooth skin, pale breasts with pink puckered nipples. His big hands moved down to curvy hips and he stopped to meet her watchful eyes. She nodded for him to keep going.

The patch of dark curls between her legs brought tears to his eyes.  Heaven as he slowly touched then parted the mysterious moist folds. One finger went in. She gasped. He licked the finger to taste her.

Talking fast, Danny undressed.”Birth control. I brought condoms.”

She giggled. “So did I.”

After that the only sounds in the small house were those of a young couple enjoying sex for their first time together.

Gloria lit two cigarettes. When she handed one to Danny, he shook his head. “I don’t smoke. Never have, never will.”

She took a deep drag, blew smoke rings and with a motion, poked a sharp fingernail through each one.

“Honey, you might not smoke but you sure know how to stoke my fire.” And she reached for his stiffening member again.




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Free 4 Chapter Preview Farewell, Hello


Charmaine Gordon: Free 4 Chapter Preview – Farewell, Hello


Thank you , Charmaine, for stopping in today.  I so love when you visit with me. And I hope you do come back soon :) It’s always a pleasure!

Thank you, Anne. It’s been fun spending this time with you. Love, Charmaine


 k Lets Connet k


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    Every time I read one of your interviews I get inspired, Charmaine! Can’t wait for the movie to come out, but of course there’s no way it can do complete justice to your beautiful books. :-)

    1. Author Charmaine Gordon

      Elizabeth, what a lovely comment from my erotic author friend. I so appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Anne Lange writes books that are hot and she’s a dynamite pal.

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    Anne and I appreciate your short visit today.

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    Charmaine’s stories always speak to the heart. She is an incredible lady to know and a wonderful writer to read. I love this interview because everyone who reads it will get to know a little bit about this wonderful woman.

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      I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for stopping in! :)

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