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Meet My Character Blog Tour-Jack Bishop

So, first, let me thank Charmaine Gordon for inviting me along on this tour. Charmaine writes awesome stories about women who survive and thrive.

Today I thought I’d introduce you to the hero of my upcoming release, Sliding into Home. His name is Jack Bishop.

I had originally planned on telling you about Jack myself (since he’s fictional and all) but then he got a little snarky with me when I called him that, so I said he was free to sit his ass in the chair and talk for himself. So, here goes. Although, I can’t promise he’ll be nice. He actually hates publicity. But today, I’m not feeling too sorry for him. He’s done enough of that himself. I smile cheekily at Jack

Hi Jack.
“Nice intro, Anne. So, you got my ass in the chair. Let’s get this over with. I have a date with my wife.”
I’m sure Devyn can wait a few minutes. After all, she waited ten years for you.
“Ooh, snap. Bitchy today aren’t we.”
Only because you gave me grief earlier. You’re usually a nice guy these days, Jack.
“You can thank Devyn for that.”
So why don’t you tell us when and where your story takes place.
“Well, the story took place a few months ago in sunny Las Vegas.”
Tell me something the readers should know about you.
“Like what?”
“Let’s see. I don’t like doing interviews.” He glares at me. I smile. He rolls his eyes  “I used to play professional baseball.”
Used to?
“Yeah, used to. And you know that. You wrote the story.”
But the readers don’t know that, so tell them why you used to play ball, Jack.
Heavy sigh  “Fine. I was injured. Now I can’t play.”
Wow. Don’t be shy, Jack. Don’t worry, I’ll cut you off if I think you’re giving out too many details.
He snorts.   “I am a, or rather I was, a pitcher. Rotator cuff injury. I eventually had surgery, but it never healed correctly. Now I’m done.”
That sucks.
“Don’t I know it.” He mutters under his breath.
Now what?
“Guess your readers will have to read the story and find out.”
Smart ass. What’s your personal goal?
He cocks an eyebrow   “Hmm, spend some personal time with my new wife maybe?”
You’re not very talkative, Jack. And here I thought the happy newlywed would be gushing.
😉 He smiles, and means it   “I only gush over my wife, Anne. But I do have to thank you.”
Me? For what?
“For getting Devyn and I back together.”
Well, I didn’t do that, Jack. Mason did. With some help of course.
“Yeah, but you urged him.”
*buffs nails across shirt* I do what I can when the muse strikes.
He laughs just as his cell rings. He holds up a finger.  Thankfully not the finger
“Excuse me. Hey, Dev. Yup. Just finishing up an impromptu interview Anne forced on me.
“I’ll meet you downstairs in five. Love you too.” He hangs up. “Gotta go. Been fun. Not. I’ll talk to you soon.”

And he’s gone. Well, that was short and not-too-sweet. You can read more about Jack and Devyn in Sliding into Home. Available for pre-order  September 5th, early download on September 19th from Totally Bound and for general release on October 17th.



And now I have the honor of recommending a few other authors to carry on this tour. The following have kindly offered to introduce you to their characters on or around August 11th.

Multi-Published, Smexy Historical Romance author Shehanne Moore,
Multi-Published, author of the Love Projects Series, SJ Maylee
Teri Anne Stanley, author of the recently released Deadly Chemistry
Nikki Dee Houston, author of All Fired Up and the upcoming Picture Perfect




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  1. noelleclarkblog

    Anne, it seems that we old stalwarts are all ‘Sliding into (new) Homes’. You, me and Shey. :-) Sounds like a fabulous book. Congratulations!! :-)

  2. Author Charmaine Gordon

    Dynamite post, Anne. As for Jack, bring him on. I’m ready for snarky after all the sweet men in my looooooooong life thus far. Way cool and success with this humorous tale coming soon.

  3. Teri Anne Stanley

    Well, hello there, Jack. I’m going to have to read your book and see if you aren’t a little nicer to your heroine than your author. You’re lucky she gave you an HEA!

    1. Anne Lange

      Hey Teri. Weeeellll… yes, he’s nicer to his wife. Most of the time. He can’t really help it. He loves her. :)

  4. shehannemoore

    Yo Anne!! Thank you so-oh much for the thumbs up. I only hope I can follow in your footsteps here. This is such a fab post. I’m quaking in my stilettos already!

    1. Anne Lange

      LOL! Ah, I have utter complete faith in you, Shey! You’ll knock it out of the park ! :)

      1. shehannemoore

        Lol…Aye right…

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