Aug 15

Meeting the Characters – It’s the guys against the girls

We’ve got a professional athlete, a well-educated scientist and a strong Dom, up against a horny budding artist and a marriage wrecker shopping for shoes.

Last week you met Jack, the ex-baseball player hero of my upcoming release, Sliding into Home as one of the stops on the Meet My Character Blog Hop.



Coming Soon!


~ ~ ~

I then passed the torch to the following fabulous ladies who introduced us to one of their characters. But in case you missed their posts, I’ve listed them here for you:

Meet Evan, the smart scientist with perfect hair and who prefers to talk about frogs. He’s Mike’s brother from Teri Anne Stanley’s Deadly Chemistry


 Available Now!

~ ~ ~

Meet Chelsea, a lonely, horny, budding artist from Nikki Dee Houston’s Picture Perfect, which comes out on September 5th from Etopia Press. (I promise to help Nikki Dee share her cover as soon as I can)



Coming Soon!

 ~ ~ ~

Meet Malice, a shoe connoisseur and a woman after my own heart (I love shoes too), from Shehanne Moore’s The Viking and The Courtesan which has recently been contracted by Soul Mate Publishing. Congrats Shehanne!



I love her business card…


and her shoe addiction


Coming Soon!

 ~ ~ ~

And finally, meet Simon Young, a disciplined man both in the office and in the bedroom, looking for love, but not liars, in S.J. Maylee’s Taking Courage.


SJ Taking Courage

Available Now!

 ~ ~ ~

Check out all of these ladies, their books and their characters. You will not be disappointed!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Read a book!


Have fun!






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  1. noelleclarkblog

    Rock and ROLLLL, ladies. All the characters sound awesome!! :-)

  2. S.J. Maylee

    That was fun! Thanks, Anne. 😀

  3. shehannemoore

    Wow Anne…as if it wasn’t enough you invited me along. Thank you so-oh much. You rock my darling. And congrats on your new contract too!

    1. Anne Lange

      Thanks Shey. You rock too…hey, we rock together :)

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