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#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: Aug 17, 2014





Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences.

A Legacy of Lies, is my paranormal romantic suspense, and it is very much a WIP.  Jacob (the hero), is trying to find his missing sister Julia, and her best friend Elissa (the heroine) is determined to help him. My last snippet for this WIP can be read here.

During my last visit, Jacob and Elissa were in the motel room and she’d gone into the shower. We were in Jacob’s POV and he’d finally spilled the beans about his hatred and his dark life without his mother. The next snippet continues as we’re still in Jacob’s POV.


Jacob strolled over to the window, flipping on an old television as he passed. A sizzle of static electricity zapped off the screen as the cathode ray tube in the back casing charged the ancient thing to life, only to display a snowy picture and fill the room with some American sitcom re-run in Spanish.

He slid the thread-bare red floral curtain aside and looked out over the parking lot. Their vehicles appeared out-of-place amongst the death traps the other visitors drove. Two lamp posts with weak bulbs sprinkled light across the parking lot —they’d be lucky if they still had wheels come morning.

Behind him he heard a soft click as the bathroom door opened and steam rolled out, its heat caressing the back of his neck, leaving his skin moist and his cock hard. He swallowed, desperate to keep the aroma of her freshly showered skin from seeping into his pores.

He inhaleddeep. 


You know what I love about these snippets?  When I select the sentences to post, I’m pulling from a rough draft (in this case anyway) and it forces me to reread and usually enhance eight short sentences into something much more emotionally meaningful and descriptive than how they originally looked.  Thanks for that!

You can read all of my past snippets here:  ALL my snippets.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 





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  1. jtsuruoka

    Great sensory imagery. And I love the way you make the process of an old TV firing up sound like something magical.

  2. Linda Hamonou

    Jacob is going to have a hard time resisting her much longer.

  3. sueannbowlingauthor

    Love the description of the seediness of the motel.

  4. veronicascott

    Oh yes, he has it bad! Great 8, loved the literal steam!

  5. Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn

    Very nice sexual tension.

  6. siobhanmuir

    Oh, he’s in so much trouble. Great snippet, Anne. :)

  7. Christina Ochs

    Wow! That was a lot of intensity in just a few sentences. This is my first week posting a snippet and I certainly agree with your thoughts on how it makes us look more closely at how our words are working for us.

  8. P.T. Wyant

    Poor Jacob. He’s trying so hard to be a good boy…

    Also, I wanted to say that I know what you mean about selecting the sentences. And that the idea of linking to all your snippets is a good one. I’m going to steal the idea (but do it differently) for Sanguine… *makes note to do that on Tuesday when I’m off*

  9. Sarah W

    This is a (literally) steamy scene! I’m pretty sure (or maybe I’m just hoping) that he won’t be able to hold out much longer! :)

  10. EE Giorgi

    ooh, love those descriptions, they really call on all five senses, great work!

  11. Sarah Cass

    Love this! He can’t help himself…that mate draw is everything. A very quiet, but crazy-intense moment. Can’t wait for more!!

  12. Gemma Parkes

    Sexy scene, powerful undercurrent and very visual!

  13. Author Charmaine Gordon

    You paint a scene filled with many emotions ending with the most basic one. . .lust. Love your writing style, Anne.

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