About Me

Who is Anne?

Well, I’m a wife and a mom. I grew up the oldest of four in Southern Ontario and now live in Eastern Ontario. I work full-time and I write in my spare time…or rather, I make the time, otherwise I’d probably choose to curl up in a corner on my sofa with a good book. I’m lazy.

Books and shoes are my passion.  It’s a toss-up as to which addiction is worse, but I think it’s the books.  I rarely leave my house without one.  Reading is my escape, my form of relaxation.  I love to step into the shoes of the heroine I’m spending my time with, and dream about getting lucky with the sexy hero! I read most genres of fiction, but my favourites are romantic suspense and erotic romance, with a few historicals thrown in for good measure every so often.

I started writing in late 2009, realized I needed to figure out what in the world I was doing, and began my trek of workshops and networking, and writing. I finally got my break in October 2012, when Etopia Press asked if they could publish my novella, Worth the Risk.

So what am I doing now? Well, I’m still working the day job and I write during the evenings and on weekends, but I always make time for my husband, kids, other family members and friends.  I’d love for you to join me as I take this trip down the path of romantic fiction, and along the way I’ll  introduce you to some wonderful people with fabulous stories to share.


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