Sep 02

Cover Reveal: Polar Bared by Eve Langlais


Eve Langlais is back to today to reveal the cover for her upcoming release. But first Eve is sharing the answers to come questions.   If I was A Shifter What Animal Would I Be? My first choice would be a large cat. There is something about a graceful feline, one who can stealthily creep up …

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Sep 01

Author Spotlight: Murder at Chipmunk Lake by Mary Hughes


Murder at Chipmunk Lake Nixie’s lost her mojo! A Nixie and Julian Story. *Paranormal. Hot.*     Nixie Emerson, punk rock musician and first-time mom-to-be, has a stalker. Her band Guns and Polkas has gone national after their big stage debut, but the price of fame is the stalker trying to scare her into leaving …

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Sep 01

WICKED HOT READS: 9 Paranormal Romances


WICKED HOT READS: 9 Paranormal Romances Preorder Start Date: September, 1st, 2014 Release Day: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014   WICKED HOT READS: 9 Paranormal Romances Indulge in nine sexy paranormal romance novels, written by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling romance authors. With shifters, vampires, demons, and otherworldly creatures all looking for their own …

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Aug 29

Writing True Crime with JoAnne Myers

The Crime of the Century eimage (1)

Welcome back JoAnne Myers back today.  JoAnne writes fantasy, paranormal, mystery, true crime, and poetry.  Today JoAnne is sharing tips for writing true crime. She’s also sharing a story that is based on true fact, and that happened in her own home town.   Tips on How to Write True Crime   First you must pick …

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Aug 27

Author Spotlight: Blood, Love & Steel by Jennifer Fulford


I’d like to welcome Jennifer Fulford today. Jennifer’s debut novel, “Blood, Love and Steel,” is the first in a series based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Welcome, Jennifer.  Why don’t you tell us what’s your starting point when you begin a new project? Research, plotting, outline, or…? I start with a seed of …

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Aug 26

Summer Spotlight: Wolf Protector

Synopsis: A woman with a secret… The Federal Paranormal Unit is an elite squad of supernaturals dedicated to solving missing persons cases. Erica’s gift allows her a special connection with the crime, but it comes at a deep personal cost… Until now, she’s kept her gift a secret, even from the other members of the …

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Aug 26

Author Spotlight: Beyond Ever After by A.C. James


Beyond Ever After by A.C. James     The half-demon unleashed…  On the night, Daeveena, a half-fey, half-demon walked out of the Hellfire Club, she left a tide of destruction, but everyone figured that was the end of it. No one imagined that she would steal something so valuable. Can Arie discover who is harboring …

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Aug 25

Poll: Polar Beared or Polar Bared?


Eve Langlais wants your opinion on what to name her latest novel. Let’s take a peek…   What’s a bear to do when a human has a polar-izing effect? When Vicky accidentally slides into the side of a polar bear, she doesn’t expect to fall in love. Eaten yes, perhaps used as a chew toy, …

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Aug 21

New Release: Unexpectedly Mated by Milly Taiden


NEW RELEASE! Unexpectedly Mated (Sassy Mates Book 3) by MillyTaiden       After years of lusting over Jake Wolfe, Nicole finally got a taste of the dirty-talking bad boy. During the scenting ceremony, he showed her how explosive things can be between them. But Nicole doesn’t do love. She doesn’t even know what love …

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Aug 20

Summer Spotlight: Pack Princess

  An exciting new collaboration from bestselling authors Mina Carter and Milly Taiden!   A single night of passion, or the one meant to be… Evva Castillo knows she’s a pack princess. Duty to her family and her pack will always come first. But duty turns to hardship when she’s ordered to marry someone she …

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Aug 17

#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: Aug 17, 2014

    Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences. A Legacy of Lies, is my paranormal romantic suspense, and it is very much a …

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Aug 15

Meeting the Characters – It’s the guys against the girls


We’ve got a professional athlete, a well-educated scientist and a strong Dom, up against a horny budding artist and a marriage wrecker shopping for shoes. Last week you met Jack, the ex-baseball player hero of my upcoming release, Sliding into Home as one of the stops on the Meet My Character Blog Hop.   Coming Soon!   ~ …

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Aug 14

Never Enough Hours…I’m In a Dream Beyond Today

  Today I’m over at In a Dream Beyond, visiting with Elyzabeth M. VaLey doing a TNT Confidential Interview. Come on over and say hi! Discover things like what aspects of my life find their way into my writing, my fabulous writing process what inspired Friends with Benefits ooh, and my song recommendation for the month See the …

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Aug 13

Writing Mystery with JoAnne Myers


I’d like to welcome JoAnne Myers back today.  JoAnne writes fantasy, paranormal, mystery, true crime, and poetry.  Today JoAnne is going to talk about writing mystery. Take it away JoAnne!   Writing Mystery   Before writing a word, take some time to jot down key story points. As you’re writing, the story will want to …

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Aug 12

Interview: Meet Lolly Preston from Massage with Happy Ending

JV Teaser 1

 Today, we have a special treat. Lauren “Lolly” Preston, from Massage With Happy Ending, is here to tell us a little more about her amazing story.  First, how about a little teaser from Jared’s Virginity.     Welcome Lolly. It’s great to be chatting with you. For those who haven’t read Massage With Happy Ending …

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Aug 11

Author Interview: Destined for Deception by Suzanne Purvis


I’d like to welcome Suzanne Purvis today.  Suzanne writes a variety of genres. Her current release, co-written with Sandra Tilley is Destined for Deception. Welcome Susan! I’m so glad you could join me today. What drew you to this particular genre? Destined for Deception is a romantic suspense novella. I love writing shorter forms of …

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Aug 08

Author Spotlight: Awakened by the Minotaur by Erin Moore


I’d like to welcome Erin Moore today a fellow Etopia Press author.  Erin is awesome. She was even actively promoting my  book at RT in NOLA in May. LOL.   Erin writes paranormal romances, but is currently at work on her first historical.  Her current release is Awakened by the Minotaur.   Hi there, Erin! I’m so …

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Aug 07

Loves, Myths and Monsters with JoAnne Myers

LMM book cover

I’d like to welcome JoAnne Myers back today.  JoAnne writes fantasy, paranormal, mystery, true crime, and poetry. Her fantasy anthology, “Loves, Myths, and Monsters” contains 11 fantasy tales entwined within the human world and stars the Mothman, the Chupracabra, mermaids, time travel, reincarnation, a demonic cellmate, werewolves, a love curse, a Quaker love story, and …

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Aug 06

Author Spotlight: Under the Covers by Allie K. Adams

10312672_10204953540541471_7800360581415337670_n (1)

  If it doesn’t sizzle, it isn’t hot enough.   Her pleasure will drive them all to the boiling point. Something dark lurks in the hot Seattle nightlife, a madman using the clubs as his personal hunting ground. It’s up to Wayde to catch the killer before Mia becomes the next victim.   “If you’re …

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Aug 06

Cover Reveal: Cypher by Cathy Perkins


When a hit-man mistakenly kills the wrong person, a Greenville, SC detective confronts hidden agendas and conflicting motives in a powerful local family while trying to control his attraction to the intended victim—a woman who should be dead, but instead is hell-bent on saving the remnants of her family. Unwilling to stand by while her family …

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Aug 05

Summer Spotlight: A Mate’s Bite

Mission: Don’t fall in love  After an explosive night of passion during a scenting ceremony, Karla Alves is sure she was just a one night stand for the man she’d been crushing on for years. She teased him and pleased him, and Nate hasn’t been around since. Her fear of becoming clingy kept her from …

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Aug 04

Meet My Character Blog Tour-Jack Bishop


So, first, let me thank Charmaine Gordon for inviting me along on this tour. Charmaine writes awesome stories about women who survive and thrive. Today I thought I’d introduce you to the hero of my upcoming release, Sliding into Home. His name is Jack Bishop. I had originally planned on telling you about Jack myself …

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Aug 01

Summer Spotlight: Dangerous Protector

Dangerous Protector Federal Paranormal Unit 2 If you run from love, you’re asking for a chase… James Brock lived the past ten years without the woman he loves. Using his job as head of the Federal Paranormal Unit to help others, he’s done a good job of ignoring his lack of a personal life until …

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Jul 31

Writing Paranormal with JoAnne Myers

my photo apr 2011

My guest today brings ghost stories with her.  JoAnne Myers writes in a variety of genres including paranormal, mystery, true crime and fantasy. Over the coming weeks she’ll visit a number of times to show case her different novels.  Today, JoAnne is going to talk about writing paranormal.  Welcome JoAnne.   WRITING PARANORMAL   When it comes to fiction writing, …

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Jul 30

Author Spotlight: Sarah Castille and In Your Corner

Publishers Weekly Best Summer Reads (Romance) 2014 and starred review!   “You have to go. I won’t be able to control myself. I’ve wanted you so bad for so long and after I’ve been in the cage…I can’t think straight.” He gives a guttural groan and his fist clenches on my hip. Primitive. Primal. His …

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Jul 29

Cover Reveal: Sliding Into Home by Anne Lange


I’m so excited to finally share the cover for my upcoming premier release with Totally Bound.  This is a new series for me and one I’m really excited about. It’s something a little different, which is always a fun challenge. But not to worry, I certainly didn’t leave out the hot, sexy or in this case delicious scenes.  In …

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Jul 28

Cover Reveal: My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannan

MVV cover reveal banner (horizontal)

My Viking Vampire Sanctuary, Texas by Krystal Shannan     Bailey Ross’ world is crumbling around her. Her abusive ex, a human, is closing in on her again, and to make matters worse, a new enemy, a djinn, is stalking her. This supernatural being takes great pleasure in human pain, something Bailey has in excess …

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Jul 27

#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: July 27, 2014

    Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences. A Legacy of Lies, is my paranormal romantic suspense, and it is very much a …

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Jul 25

Cover Reveal: With the Greatest of Ease

Coming Soon Label

Earlier this year I had the good fortune of being invited to participate in an anthology with some other authors that I greatly admire. In April we released The Sin Circus.  Now, I’m gearing up to release my short story from that box set.     With the Greatest of Ease  by Anne Lange   …

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Jul 24

Author Spotlight: Poison Pens: A Jezebel Jinx Mystery by Jolie Pethtel


I’d like to welcome Jolie Pethtel today.  Jolie writes Romantic mystery/comedy. Her current release is Poison Pens: A Jezebel Jinx Mystery. And she brings food!  I so love when my guests bring food. And Jolie has happened to bring a favorite of mine. Yum!  But first… Welcome Jolie! So tell me, what drew you to …

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Jul 23

Author Spotlight: Heat Wave Boxed Set and Evelyn Jules

Heat Wave large

Today I have the pleasure of introducing an author local to my area.  Please welcome Evelyn Jules     Hi everyone! So happy to be here today to promote my new erotic romance release! Have you felt the Heat Wave yet? What are you waiting for?! Although not all of the stories in this collection …

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Jul 22

Summer Spotlight: Their Second Chance

After five years with a man she loved, Ariana Parker held the divorce papers in hand. From the moment she met him, Nick was the only man to make her body burn and fill her heart with joy, but somewhere along the way, they lost their ability to communicate–in any language. Nick Parker lost the …

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Jul 21

Author Spotlight: Emerald Fire, by Valerie Twombly

      Emerald Fire:  Demon Heat Series, Book Two   Author: Valerie Twombly   Released: July 2, 2014 Publisher: Resplendence Publishing  Ever since Brock lost his mate and son in a tragic murder, he’s been unable to move on. When urged to go back home and bury his past, he never expected to meet …

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Jul 20

#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: July 20, 2014

    Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences. A Legacy of Lies, is my paranormal romantic suspense, and it is very much a …

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Jul 17

#SummerReadsHop It’s Summer Time!

summer reads

Summer’s in full swing! Come in out of the heat and check out our favorite Summer Reads Each blog will feature their favorites and a giveaway so visit them all!   I’m not normally a morning person, but during the summer months, I love waking up early before the rest of the family has started their …

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Jul 15

Summer Spotlight: Scent of a Mate

  Scent of a Mate by Milly Taiden Blurb Mission: Scent a Mate   Jordan Alvarez knew that a promise to her best friend involved staking out the local wolf pack’s scenting ceremony and recording the graphic details, but she was the writer and the only one with the balls to finish the task. No one would know …

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Jul 14

Author Spotlight: Farewell, Hello by Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72y

I’d like to welcome Charmaine Gordon today.  Charmaine writes Romance/Suspense and Mature Romance. Her current release is Farewell, Hello   Welcome back Charmaine!  I’m so glad you could visit with me today. Why don’t you tell the readers a little about yourself?  How did you start writing? After a long career as a professional actor …

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Jul 10

Author Spotlight: Loss of Control by Dena Garson

loss-of-control (2)

I’d like to welcome Dena Garson today.  Dena writes sensual romance. Her current/upcoming release is Loss of Control.  And she’s bringing a recipe! I love when my visitors come bearing food Welcome back Dena!   It’s always a pleasure to visit with you. So, let’s get a few questions out of the way before we get …

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Jul 08

#WTRAFSOG …Gemstones are a girls’ best friend

Lacey Promo

WTRAFSOG Gemstone Collection Part 3     Gemstones are a girls’ best friend … and if you can’t afford the real thing, try the WTRAFSOG Ruby Collection Boxed Set on for size. Whether you love billionaires or bikers, bad boys or boys next door, The Ruby Collection will satisfy your craving.   Combine one sexy …

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Jun 22

#8Sunday #SnippetSunday: June 22, 2014

    Each week authors from all over and writing in all genres bring you snippets from their work.  It could be a work in progress or a completed piece.  It could be published or not. But it’s only 8 sentences. I’ve continued with A Legacy of Lies, my paranormal romantic suspense – a wip.  Jacob …

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Jun 20

Author Spotlight: SJ Maylee and Taking Courage

SJ Taking Courage

Today I’m sharing S.J. Maylee’s newest release, book 2 in her Love Projects Series.  I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for this particular story and just knew SJ and scored with this one. Taking Courage by S.J. Maylee Janna’s ready to make over her life and get out from under the controlling thumb of her …

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Aug 22

Poetry with JoAnne Myers

New Poetry Cover

I’d like to welcome JoAnne Myers back today.  JoAnne writes fantasy, paranormal, mystery, true crime, and poetry.  Today JoAnne is going to share two of her poem with us. Take it away JoAnne!   Poetry   “Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between” is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into the heart, mind and …

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