Anne’s Books

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The Vault Series

For some it’s just a night out. For others it’s a lifestyle. At The Vault, the McBride men have created an environment where the sexual needs and desires of their clientele can be expressed and explored without condemnation. Discretion is key. Security and privacy are paramount. Safe, sane and consensual is a rule.




A New League Series

The big leagues. Not everyone makes it to the top. Select few are good enough to get there. And once the dream has been realized, a fall from the pedestal is hard to accept. Defeat harder to admit. Moving on harder to do. Especially when the road to get there was scattered with deep potholes to begin with. These are not the stories of the men or women playing the game, but rather what happens after the game is done playing with them.




Family Ties Series

Two undercover police officers are tasked with putting a criminal behind bars, but the women they fall for have family connections that make their job difficult to do.




The Forever Series

A brand new small town contemporary romance series that revolves around a group of four friends. Join each of them as they find their true love in Forever, North Dakota.




Stand Alone Titles

These are stories published independent of any of the above series. Each one may vary in heat level from sizzling to scorching, but every one of them will provide a sexy read and a happily ever after.




Anthologies and Box Sets

These are collections that I participated in with other very talented authors. Just select the image to find out which of my above stories was included in that collection.