Friends with Benefits

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  • SubSeries: Friends and More (Book 1)

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  • Release Date (audio) January 2014; Etopia Press


Can sexual exploration lead to three times the bliss?


Tyler had no idea his wife Angela’s desires so closely matched his own. But when some unguarded pillow talk reveals her fantasy of two men at once, Tyler jumps at the chance to make her happy. Enlisting the help of his best friend Connor, who’d shared some threesome adventures with him in the past, Tyler secretly hopes exploring Angela’s fantasies will lead to his own personal desire—a permanent threesome with the two people he loves most in the world.

Connor can’t believe it when his best friend asks him to seduce his wife. Then he meets Angela, and all the women in his past fade away. With Tyler’s blessing, Connor sets out to melt Angela’s reserve, and when Tyler joins the party, the three of them set the sheets on fire. 

Angela is floored when her husband suggests they explore some of her fantasies—things she’d only read about but never in a million years thought she’d actually do. Sandwiched between Tyler and Connor, she’s never felt so treasured, so protected, so loved. But the reality proves much more complicated than the fantasy. She loves her husband, but she finds herself falling for his best friend too. That’s not normal, is it? What will people think?

Praise for Friends With Benefits



“I read a lot of ménage books but most of them just seem to skip over the difficulties of being out in society. Friends with Benefits shows a whole different side and I loved that. It was refreshing to see an author show the not so fun side of being with two men. It made me appreciate the book so much more because it felt real. … If you are looking for a super-hot ménage with an amazing plot then this is your book. It was probably one of the top five ménages I have ever read because it showed the good with the bad. It seems like a trivial detail but it worked for me.”

5star Read full review from Kaylyn at Riverina Romantics

“What a nice ménage romance! A dream came true…All three main characters were lovable. It was not about falling in love after the first orgasm with the third character and I am so thankful to the author about that. It was progressive. … Overall, it is a very nice contemporary ménage à trois romance and I definitely recommend it.”

4star Read full review from Mary’s ménage Whispers

“This story is about a fantasy many women have but more will never get to live out, watching Tyler’s acceptance of what his wife wants and bring it to life was great to read. You see his love shining through and while he has an ulterior motive he is doing everything for Angela’s happiness. Conner is a dream in and of himself hot sexy carpenter seducing the bored housewife where do I sign up? This has lots and lots of hot sweaty action, but it also has a great story involved as well. Great book I’ll definitely read again!”

5star Read full review from BookJunkyGirls

“I really enjoyed the story.  I thought it flowed really well and just love how the author was able to keep things very sexy and hot then for me being pornish, if you know what I am saying?  It was very tactful and not crude.  It reminded me of Lora Leigh’s Forbidden Pleasure.  Same plot, but still enjoyable. … I love the chemistry between them all, it was hot, it definitely burned the pages.   I cannot wait to see what happens, can for sure tell there will be much more. If you are looking for a quick and sexy read, then this one is for you.”

5star Read full review from Shay44 for Crystal’s Many Reviewers


Angela sat cross-legged on the window settee. The brightness of the moon belied the late hour, pushing the shadows deep into the corners. The faint murmur of Tyler’s and Connor’s voices rose through the floorboards from the first level. She looked over at the rumpled bed sheets and then down at the journal lying open in her lap. She re-read her entry.

We did it. I actually did it. How much must Tyler love me to have granted me this particular fantasy? Who knew my husband had a kinky side? And, even though he encouraged me to play with Connor over the weekend, which…WOW…tonight was different. Very different. Tonight the man I’m committed to watched another man make love to me. He helped another man make love to me. No jealousy. No competition. Only mutual excitement, sharing and exploring.

Honestly, it was a little weird at first. But, knowing Tyler trusted Connor made me feel secure. Though I guess I should have known he’d arranged the whole thing. I just didn’t think his surprise would include his best friend.

Oh, my. I can still feel their hands and their lips gliding over my body. The way they touched me, as if I were made of spun sugar. They kissed me. First their lips soft and sensual, and then demanding, scorching, as though they couldn’t get enough. I’ve never felt so alive, so beautiful, so treasured.

Few words were spoken. Few were needed.

“Let’s tie her up.” I’ll never look at Tyler’s silk ties the same way.

“Your skin is so soft, like flower petals.”

“You smell like vanilla, but you taste like some exotic brand of honey.”

They were so in tune to each other. Their hands guided me where and how they wanted me. All I could do was moan and sigh—until the end. Sometimes they took turns, sometimes they played with me together. At times it was almost too much. Having four hands or two tongues pleasuring me…my body hummed like a tuning fork. The energy they created…oh…I could almost feel the blood rushing hot and thick through my veins.

The blindfold hid them from me, and I so wanted to watch. But, I admit, I had no difficulty telling them apart. Their bodies are similar in build, but they are different in every other way.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been to feel both men inside me at the same time. Being sandwiched between two gorgeous men…that’s something I think many women fantasize about. I imagine my body would struggle to accommodate them, but in the end they would win. I think I’d forget to breathe.

My mouth’s watering as I write this. My body tingles. Should I be ashamed of how I feel? How will Tyler react now that it’s over? Was this a one-time event? How do I tell my husband I’m counting the hours until we can do it again?

Angela paused and raised her head when the bedroom door opened, and her husband walked in, a knowing smile on his handsome face.

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