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#RTC2015 I’ll be there!

Friday, April 17th, 2015



This weekend in Ottawa Canada, Eve Langlais is hosting 2015 Romancing the Capital. There will be lots of fun, lots of giveaways, lots of authors and lots of readers.  I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday, helping out, meeting some of my favorite authors and meeting plenty of readers.  Check out the web site to see the awesome list of attending authors.

On Saturday, April 18th I’ll be participating in the Author Speed Dating event. I’ll have an opportunity to talk with readers and I’ll have a small gift for each of them.

And then, later that afternoon there is a public book sale and signing!  If you’re in Ottawa and you have no other plans, and maybe want to meet some authors, stop in, stop by my table where I’ll have lots of stuff to giveaway, and I will have print copies of Friends with Benefits to sign and sell.

Hope to see you this weekend in Ottawa!







Touring in a Sled with Hers to Own

Friday, November 28th, 2014


Hers to Own


is on Tour 

November 21 to December 21

And considering the time of year, I opted for a different mode of transportation.


Sleigh Ride


Take a moment to stop in at any one of the locations below to read a bit about the Kade and Brienna and to enter the giveaway!


[important]And check out the Giveaway too![/important]


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I’ll revisit this post throughout the tour to update the links.

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The Tour Bus Has Rolled In for Sliding into Home

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Ready to hop on board?


 I’m heading out on a month long tour for Sliding into Home sponsored by

WIP Image

Please follow me on this little trip and take part in guest spots, interviews, reviews and spotlights.



Here’s where you can find me in the coming weeks.

I’ll come back to update this with actual links to the post at each stop throughout the tour.

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[important]And there’s even a giveaway – actually two giveaways![/important]

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New Release: Sliding into Home Book Blast Day 1

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Release Blast Sliding-into-Home-Anne-Lange

I’ve over visiting with various bloggers who are helping me announce my newest release. There is a giveaway at the end of this tour, so please stop in to any one of the stops over the next three days if you’d like to enter.

[important]Oct 20th[/important]

A Tasty Read Book Reviews

JodiesW.I.N.E. List (Rev)

Read it Woman

Scandalous Book Blog

Racing To Read 

Romancingthe Readers 

I am,Indeed

Renee Entress’s Blog

The Reading Addict Gemma Reads Too Much For It To

Be Normal Book Blog (Rev)

Urban Girl Reader

Kawehi’s Book Blog

[important]Oct 21st [/important]

Room With Books

Books Need TLC

Dawn’s Reading Nook

Those Crazy Book Chicks

Ellesea Loves Reading

Illustrious Illusions

Reading Bliss

[important] Oct 22nd[/important]

Jen’s Reading Obsession

Sassy Moms Say Read Romance

Blogger Nicole

My Favorite Things


Underneath the Cover

Sarah’s Storylines

XoXo Book Blog


I hope you like my new series. It’s a short novel series with each book between 34-40k. There will be a total of six books.   Fame. Fortune. Glamour and glory. The big leagues. Not everyone makes it to the top. Select few are good enough to get there. And once the dream has been realised, a fall from the pedestal is hard to accept. Defeat harder to admit. Moving on harder to do. Especially when the road to get there was scattered with deep potholes to begin with. Sinful encounters and erotic moments can occupy the mind and the body while difficult decisions are being made, maybe even delay the inevitable. But in the end, only the support and love of that special someone can help those who have fallen to stand up again, and realise they’re in a new league now—one where dreams are shared—not with an entire world watching, waiting to see if you’ll rebound, but with the ones who will stand by and catch you if you don’t. These are not the stories of the men or women playing the game, but rather what happens after the game is done playing with them.


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On the road…looking for Inspiration

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Out Visiting2

So, yesterday, I was over visiting with my very good friend Shehanne Moore. I had planned to tell you all about my upcoming release Sliding Into Home, which is now available for early download through Totally Bound Publishing.

Unfortunately, apparently I was banned, Shey didn’t send me any questions, and I only gave her (gasp) promo. So the hamsters stepped up to the wheel, and after a few spins, filled in.  Thanks fellas. There’s a belly rub for each of you next time I see you.

You can read all about it over at Shehanne’s now, finally up and running again blog (cause she was banned too).


I’m out of the house again today, over visiting with Delilah Devlin.  Today I’m talking about




The one question authors tend to get asked – where do you get your story ideas?  Stop by and see where mine come from.

I’m blogging today over at Delilah’s