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#Spotlight #Interview Promises to Keep by Delia Brendan

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015
Dandelion Police Sergeant Nina Markov has never been happier since meeting FBI Special Agent Michael Hanson. However, a fairy tale ending for the pair doesn’t seem to be in the cards, as time is running out in her quest to find Russian mobster, Pavel Ivanovich—the man who has stolen a priceless family heirloom.


When Nina’s carefully lain trap for him catches his underling instead, she realizes that her only chance is to make him fall in love with her and then use him to reach Pavel.


For a recipe this convoluted, Nina is going to need the assistance of cupcake baker and misguided matchmaker, Pearl Waterman.


In the second book of the Dandelion Romantic Mystery series, Nina has to decide how far she’ll go to keep her promises, retrieve the last connection to her family, and try not to lose the only man she’s ever loved in the process.


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Author Bio:
Delia Brendan was born and raised in Washington state. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has been writing about the adventures of the people in Dandelion, Washington, since 2013.


She is married to writer Sean Brendan Brown and they live in Olympia with a very gray, fat little beagle named Katie



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Meet Ella Patton from Control by Laura Marie Altom

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014



I’d like to welcome Laura Marie Altom and Ella Patton. Congratulations Laura on your release of Control. 

Thank so much, Anne! Ella and I are thrilled and honored to be here!

Laura, first, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the story? We won’t give it all away yet, just a peek.

Laura Marie Altom’s heart-stirring new romance will have you believing in the power of love—and passion—to heal even the most wounded souls. 
Never again. Fleeing her hometown to escape an abusive marriage, Ella Patton swears she has surrendered to a man for the last time. But while living under a new name, she meets a kind, handsome stranger who seems different—and will be moving on soon, making Ella reckless enough to break her rules. With a kiss, the stranger opens the door to desires Ella believed she would never know. Then he makes an unexpected proposal.
A dot-com billionaire from humble beginnings, Liam Stone is a man whose past has made him compassionate yet guarded—much like the beautiful, secretive woman he stumbles upon in a remote Southern town. Though he intends only a dalliance, when the time comes to return home to San Francisco, Liam cannot bear the thought of leaving her behind. But when he tries to entice her to join him, he finds the tables turning dizzingly fast. Suddenly a little seduction becomes a huge battle for one thing: control.


Sounds like a fantastic story. Thank you, Laura. It’s so nice to have you here too, Ella. So, tell me, how did you two meet and how did you convince Laura to tell your story? 

(Ella) Thank you for asking, Anne. You know that old saying that “everything happens for a reason”? Well, at the same times in our lives, Laura and I were struggling. I had just escaped a certain death-sentence of a marriage, and Laura had just taken a nasty fall that broke her left wrist in three places. Being left-handed, she faced the possibility of never writing again—at least not in the way she had always taken for granted.

Around this same time, Laura’s agent called with a mind-blowing opportunity. Power editor, Sue Grimshaw, had nibbled on a proposed project, but she wanted revisions. Was Laura up for the challenge? That same morning, Laura had visited a specialist who told her that her wrist was just a bad sprain. She should baby it, but she could resume work. That was all she needed to give her agent a thumbs-up on revising the project for Sue.

Now, what Sue wanted was a dark, edgy romance unlike anything Laura had ever written, but she’d always loved reading. Unable to take pain meds due to nausea, Laura wrote this proposal for Sue while under constant pain. When the proposal was done, and her hand was horribly swollen, she went in for a second opinion and learned not only did she need to be placed in a cast that day, but would subsequently need surgery, as her wrist was indeed broken. I won’t give myself too much credit for the end result, but I have to wonder if the pain Laura was in allowed her to tap deeper into my own emotional wounds, resulting in a grittier, more raw look at what I had been going through.

In answer to your question of how did I convince Laura to tell my story—honestly, fate told her to write my story.

Wow, that’s quiet the journey to bring the both of you together. What’s it like working with Laura? Were there any parts of the story you two disagreed on? 

(Ella) She’s been an author FOREVER, but has mostly written feel-good family stories. Well, the only thing that feels good about my awful tale are the raunchier parts—if you know what I mean!  I constantly reminded her to hold back on the cute, and add more reality. To not be afraid to show the raw, sometimes ugly side of relationships.

That’s very true. But I imagine that could be a difficult transition for some authors. Tell me about your love interest in this book.  How did you two meet? 

(Ella) We met in the most crazy-unlikely of places—a Wal-Mart snack bar! I should have known from the moment Liam asked me for fancy mustard that he wasn’t some down-on-his-luck drifter, but I guess it’s true that the heart only sees what it wants to.

Well, they say you can find just about anything at Wal-Mart LOL! Just between us, what’s he like? 

It’s funny—at times, Liam’s larger than life. Walking with him through his corporate headquarters, I’m so proud to be holding the hand of the man who not only employs thousands, but genuinely cares about them the way they care about him. Other times, he’s quiet and reserved and I find myself wondering what’s got him so deep in thought. Sometimes, if I ask, he’ll tell me. Other times, he politely brushes me off, which hurts, but I’m so afraid of losing him—us, the way being with him makes me feel—that I don’t say a word.

What first attracted you to him? 

(Ella) My attraction for Liam had nothing to do with his looks—well, sure he’s gorgeous—but much deeper than that, I fell for him because for the first time in a very long time, he made me feel as if I were special. The only person in the room—or, in our case, snack bar. When he cast me his slow, sexy grin, and that naughty chunk of hair fell over his left eye I instantly fell under his spell.

Do you have a great first meet or first kiss story you can share? I love getting the gritty details 😉

(Ella) LOL! I guess I pretty much just spilled out first meeting story, but our first kiss . . . There’s only one word to describe it—H-O-T!!

What’s your favorite part of the story? And why?

(Ella) Not sure if you’re asking Laura or me, but I’m taking this one. How can I possibly pick just one moment when it took dozens—hundreds—of tiny, shimmering glimpses of what our happy and complete lives together may resemble. From the time Liam first ran me a hot bath, and loaned me his T-shirt and warm jammies to wear to bed, to the time we held hands amidst topsy-turvy, gumball-sized snow, he’s made me not just happy, but punch-drunk. Can you tell he really has become my world? 

Oh, absolutely! He sounds like quiet the catch. You’re a very lucky woman.

Now, Laura, let’s play Casting Call. What actors would you cast for the main roles in your story?

Ella Patton (Actual identity unknown.)

control character pic 4

Liam Stone as he looked when Ella first met him! (Ryan Gosling.)

control character pic 3

Liam Stone in all-business mode. (Ryan Gosling.)

control character pic2



Control Char pic1a

(Ella) I should be furious with my friend Willow snapping this sneaky pick of Liam and I making out on the night we first met, but how can I be mad when I love this image so much!

Okay, Ella, how about a few fun questions: 

  1. Favorite color? Emerald green—the shade of Liam’s eyes.

  2. Dream car? Any ride I’m in with Liam beside me. My adult life has been too hard to even allow myself to dream, but when I was a little girl, I imagined me and my Barbies vrooming around in our pink VW Bug!

  3. Favorite drink? Sweet Tea with LOTS of ice.

  4. Favorite meal? Steak on the beach—but only if handfed to me by Liam!

  5. Favorite animal? Puppies!

  6. Long hair or short hair? The longer the better! It makes me feel extra-girly!

  7. One thing you regret? Being estranged from my parents.

  8. Best trait of your love interest? The size of his heart. I’ve lost count of how many people he’s helped.

  9. Worst trait of your love interest? At times, his ego! He can be quite a handful!

  10. Vacation destination for your honeymoon? The Seychelles—our own private paradise.

 So, Laura. I have one last question, and it’s for you.  What’s next? 

(Laura) While Ella and Liam are off on their dreamy honeymoon, I’m stuck at home, dealing with the fallout of their marriage. Liam’s assistant, Carol, and Ella’s dear friend, Nathan, pinned all of their hopes and dreams on Liam and Ella one day falling for them. When that didn’t happen, Carol and Nathan feel adrift. In their story, Rebound, these two learn to fall in love all over again—with each other!

That sounds very like a very interesting story! Thank you so very much for dropping and visiting with me and my readers today, ladies. I’ve enjoyed talking with both of you and I look forward to reading Control.



Shamed # 1

By: Laura Marie Altom




[notice]*R-Rated – Excerpt[/notice]


I didn’t know him.

He didn’t know me.

Yet in that moment, nothing mattered but the music. The heady sexual power coursing through every inch of me. My arms fell in a slow tumble, resting around his neck. I slid my splayed fingers into his hair, pressing him closer, deeper. I was in control and I pushed him into the nearest dark corner where, when our midsections brushed, there was no denying his attraction. I was wet and humming, flying in a netherworld of raw emotion. All of it turned topsy-turvy in my head and I couldn’t stop kissing, kissing this stranger.

I raised my right leg, rubbing it up the length of him. He caught me by the backside of my thigh, clenching me hard, pulling me against his raging erection. My dress rose higher and higher until air kissed my pulsing core and my thong wedged deep, creating maddening pressure.

Not thinking, just doing, I reached for his waistband, tugging, struggling to find the button.

“Whoa,” he said. “Let’s take this outside.”

I nodded.

We somehow found an emergency exit and stumbled through, crashing against the concrete block wall on the far side of a Dumpster. The cold didn’t matter, because I was so hot. I wanted this—him—desperately until nothing mattered but getting him inside me, pounding out the hurt, the pain, the confusion that never granted me peace. I wasn’t dead. I was so very much alive, but screaming through a self-induced coma this stranger had somehow broken through.

Our kissing took on a fevered pitch, a mad, wanton sweeping of our tongues. He tasted of vodka and lime and hope.

He let me spring his cock free and when I knelt to blow him, his satisfied groan tore through me. “Christ . . . Just like that. Don’t ever stop . . .”

Suck it good, baby! Oh yeah, that’s the way your Blaine Daddy likes it!

Like a needle scratching a record, sanity returned.

I froze, letting his still hard cock pop from my mouth. What was I doing? This was insanity—beyond that, it was sick. I wasn’t horny, but clearly needed psychiatric help.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said, now shivering, crying so hard mascara ran into my eyes. “I-I can’t do this. I thought I could. I wanted to, but—”

Unable to finish my sentence, I did the only thing I’d ever been good at—running.


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Author Info

Laura Marie Altom_Author PhotoLaura Marie Altom is the author of more than forty books in three different genres. Now that her kids are in college, Laura spends her days writing and chasing after a menagerie of pets: a mini long-haired dachshund named Cocoa, a Yorkie named Daisy, a mutt named Sweet Pea, and Domino—a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees. She’s happily married to her college sweetheart (go Hogs!), and when night falls, Laura steals a few romantic moments for herself with her own hunky cover stud.


Author Links

Website | Facebook | Twitter  |  Goodreads



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Spotlight: Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Twice the Growl

Paranormal Dating Agency

by Milly Taiden


Kissing young couple on a dark background


Paranormal Dating Agency
© Milly Taiden
Talia Barca needs a date. Badly. She uses the services of the Paranormal Dating Agency hoping for a decent guy to take to a family wedding. A wedding her ex-husband has wormed his way into as a guest.
Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She’s sexy, curvy and funny. But she’s human. And they’re not sure she’ll go for a relationship with two men at the same time.
As if deciding to give two men a shot wasn’t difficult enough, Tally will also need to deal with a threat from the pack. She’ll either prove she’s strong enough to be an Alpha mate or find herself at the mercy of a vicious opponent.


Available for Pre-Order NOW | B&N | iTunes 



Property of Milly Taiden


Talia Barca stared gloomily at her drink. How would she ever survive the next time she saw her ex-husband? The rat bastard.

“So what are you going to do?” her cousin, Nita Islas asked. The soft question broke through Tally’s misery.

“I don’t know,” she muttered and lifted her amaretto sour to her lips. She gripped the cold glass tightly so the shaking of her hand wouldn’t cause her to let it drop. Stupid nerves. There was no real reason to be nervous and yet she was.  So what that she hadn’t seen her ex in years. Her entire family had been invited to her cousin’s upcoming wedding, a wedding he’d also attend. That meant nothing. Okay, it did mean she had to see his dumbass again. To make matters worse, if she didn’t attend she’d look like she hadn’t gotten over him. How stupid was that when she’d been the one to put in for the divorce in the first place.

“Stop thinking so hard, babe.” Nita shrugged her shoulders. Her black, wide-neck top dove to the side and showed off a sparkly bra strap over golden brown skin. “I mean our entire family should know at this point that he was a jerk to you.”

“You already know they think it was miscommunication. Makes shit worse that he’s been great to most of them. That’s why they never really pushed him out of their circle.” She swallowed a gulp of her drink, draining what was left in the glass.

“If my parents weren’t traveling most of the year they’d support you too. This isn’t fair if you ask me. I mean the guy was a dick to you.”

A dick with a small dick. That’s what she’d called him once she’d given up on trying to make shit work. She sighed. An entire week near Paul of wedding festivities was not what she was looking forward to. He had a god-complex the size of Texas. It made no sense since he didn’t have the body or equipment to back that up. Not even something a person should be proud of. He was an all-star asshole.

“I’ll think of something.” Tally sighed. She’d better think of something ASAP or she’d have to decline attending and that would look even worse. She didn’t hide from shit, but Paul was one of those people that the mere thought of him gave her a headache.

Nita slapped her drink on the table with a thump. “What about Mrs. Wilder?”

“Gerri? My neighbor?”

“Yes!” Nita leaned forward. “Didn’t she tell you as we were walking out tonight that she’s running her business from her apartment in your building?” Nita’s brown eyes widened with excitement. “If I recall, she said it’s a matchmaking or dating service or something like that.”

Tally frowned and swept a long black curl behind her ear, trying to remember the conversation. Mrs. Wilder was her older neighbor from across the hall and a lot of fun. They were the only two on her floor and so Tally visited the older woman quite often. The reason was more so she wouldn’t feel alone than Mrs. Wilder being old. Tally didn’t really get along with her family thanks to asshole Paul. Now her days were either spent with Nita or Mrs. Wilder. The older neighbor always had a ton of male visitors. She came from a huge family and she’d mentioned some of her grandsons would be moving in to the building in the next few weeks.

“She did say something like that,” Tally mused.

“Well, there you go!” Nita passed her empty glass to the waitress, grabbed a fresh one and lifted it to her lips. “Problem solved.”

Maybe. Or maybe she’d be in deeper shit if she allowed the elderly woman to mess with her personal life. When it came to men, Tally had some seriously sucky luck. She glanced around the bar that was located a few blocks from her building. The crowd was younger than she cared to be surrounded with, but in a college town, it was bound to happen. At thirty-two, she’d started to feel like a miserable old lady surrounded by hot young men. She didn’t see how her personal life could get any better.

“You need to talk to more men,” Nita said as if reading her mind.

“I’m too old for dating,” she grumbled but smiled at the waitress who’d given her a new drink. “I’m about to get my cat lady starter kit any day now. Men are too much work.”

Nita laughed. “You’re insane. You’re gorgeous! What the heck would possess you to say you’re too old? Thirty is young!”


Nita rolled her eyes. “It isn’t like you’re ninety.”

“Sure feels like it,” she whispered with the drink by her lips. She winced at how strong it was. Apparently the waitress felt she needed more than her usual dose of liquor. Tally had to agree. She needed a damn miracle.

“All you have to do is stop dating the wrong men,” Nita stated matter-of-factly.

She pinned Nita with a glare. “I thought that’s what I was already doing. I mean I work at a damn lawyer’s office. I don’t date any of those assholes. But why is it that when I meet what seems to be a nice, decent man, he turns out to be some kind of double bastard with a side of dickhead?”

Nita’s brows curved up. “Wearing a suit to work doesn’t mean you should live in one. Cut loose, woman!” She exhaled loudly and pointed a red-tipped fingernail at Tally. “You need to get laid properly.”

“Shush!” She glanced around the bar. A couple of the younger guys threw winks in their direction. Flames of embarrassment heated her cheeks. “You’re going to get us kicked out of here.”

Nita giggled. “What I’d like is to get you hooked up.”

“I’d settle for a date.”

Nita shook her head. “No. We need drastic measures here. You need to get laid.”

“Nita!” She gasped, covering the side of her face with her hand. “Shut up! You make me sound like a desperate cougar.”

“Aw come on, Tally. I hate that you have to worry about a date for a family function. You’re such a wonderful woman. This isn’t something you should be stressing. You should be kicking men out of your door every night.”

Right. Because she was such a wild one. Not. With her black-framed glasses, unruly, curly hair, larger than most women curves, and somewhat bitchy personality, she didn’t really see herself as a femme fatale.

“I think you’ve had too many of those drinks.” Tally smiled and patted Nita’s hand. “I’ll figure something out. I might ask Mrs. Wilder for some help. Who knows? Maybe she can succeed where I haven’t.”

“I like Mrs. Wilder. I don’t care that she can probably chew me into little pieces even at her old age.” Nita scrunched her nose. She twirled the small straw in her glass in circles. “It’s a good thing she likes you, and therefore me by default, because I have heard some crazy stuff about those shifters.”

Tally knew Mrs. Wilder wasn’t your regular granny, but she was such a sweetheart. And she was someone she could share her cake addiction with. They took turns baking different things and sharing with each other. It’s what fed Tally’s chocolate urges and kept her with way too many curves to count.

“Yeah.” Tally sucked down a gulp from her new drink. “Who would’ve thought that I’d become such good friends with a shifter granny.”

Nita grinned. “Why wouldn’t you? She’s sorta bitchy, like you.”

“Gee, thanks,” she said drily.

“It’s a compliment. I’m so tired of these bubbly women that are fake about how they feel. Feel bitchy? Be bitchy.” Nita picked up her glass and pointed to Tally. “This world is filled with too many fake people. You’re not trying to be a copy of anyone, Tally. That’s why I love you. You’re always going to be an original.”

Tally grinned. Clinked glasses with Nita and sipped her drink. “Thanks. So far that hasn’t really brought anything good into my life.”

“It will,” Nita assured her. “Go visit Mrs. Wilder and for once tell her you need help. It’s not the end of the world to admit to needing a man.”

Tally chuckled. “I don’t need a man. Not really. I need someone to be my date for the week from hell.”

Nita shrugged and motioned the waitress for the check. “Maybe Mrs. Wilder will hook you up.” She gasped. “Oh, my gosh! What if she hooks you up with one of those scorching shifters she has visiting her all the time?”

“Now that would be something to celebrate.” Tally giggled. “They are so sexy.  She told me she has anything from bears, to wolves, to big cats.”

“Wow.” Nita sighed. “Bears and big cats. I used to have a best friend who was a bear.”

“Really? When?”

Nita pursed her lips. “When we lived near the mountains for dad’s job with the fish and wildlife department.”

“Was this before you all came back here?”

Nita nodded. “Yeah. We were sophomores in high school. He was so cute with his glasses and almost too innocent face. I told him everything.”

“What happened?”

“My family came back here. I loved coming back here after all the years on the road, but that meant my bear friend was left behind. He and I lost touch,” Nita said softly.

Tally pulled out one of the many cards Mrs. Wilder had shoved in her hand every time she went over to visit. “Here you go. Why don’t you sign up and see what she can get you?”

Nita stared at the clear business card in awe. “Do you really think she can set me up with one of her shifters?”

“Check out the fine print. She’s made me read it more than once. She will set you up with whoever she deems to be the right man for you.” She read the tiny words on the back of the card and adjusted her glasses. “So, you’re pretty much guaranteed a man. I haven’t seen a single bad looking one yet.”

“You have to do it, Tally.” Nita blinked wide excited eyes at her. “I need to know what she does. You’re in need of a date. This really is the perfect solution.”

Tally sighed. “At least you’re not suggesting those other websites that find your ‘perfect’ someone.”

Nita blinked once. Twice. Then burst into giggles. “I’m sorry. It’s not funny after your last episode.”

Tally clenched her teeth. She hated that her mother, of all people, had bought her a membership to a dating site that promised to find her soul mate. She swore that every man they sent her way had to have been rejected by every other woman. There was no way that her soul mate was really a forty-five year old man with seven kids, who lived with his mother, had no teeth and worked a maximum of ten hours a week. No way.


k Meet the Author1 k


MillyTaidenHi! I’m Milly Taiden (AKA April Angel). I love to write sexy stories. They’re usually either paranormal or contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between. My contemporaries are usually anything from soldiers to corporate romances.

I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our little dog “Needy Speedy”. Don’t ask.

I am addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn’t, right?) and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Come on over and visit me! I love to meet new readers!

I hope you enjoyed this book. If you did, please consider writing a review.


Like my books? Want to stay on top of all things Milly?

Sign up for my newsletter at


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Find out more about Milly Taiden here:


Website | Facebook | Facebook Friend Page | Twitter

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Spotlight: Roman Reunion by Crystal Joran

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Today, I’d like to welcome Crystal Jordan and Karen Patton.  Congratulations Crystal on your release of Roman Reunion.

(Crystal): Hey Anne! I’m happy to be here. Thanks so much for having me!

(Karen): Nice to meet you. I’ve never been interviewed before, so be gentle with me.

(Crystal) Karen, no one is ever gentle with you when you say that. It’s like waving a red flag in a bull’s face.

(Karen) Well, maybe Anne’s nicer that you. You’re a bit sadistic, you know.

Oh, I’m very nice.  Well, most of the time anyway 😉

(Crystal) Oh, come on! I tortured you a little, but you did get a happy ever after. And great sex.

(Karen) True, the sex was spectacular. That’s the only bonus point I’m giving you. Sadist.

(Crystal) *sticks her tongue out*

You two are awesome.  I’m sensing battles of will here 🙂

Okay, Crystal, first, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the story? We won’t give it all away yet, just a peek.


Karen Patton’s life is falling apart. She signed divorce papers, quit her job, and moved back to her hometown into an apartment that couldn’t feel less like home. With two weeks of free time before she starts work at the Half Moon Bay Public Library, she’s crawling the walls, trying desperately not to miss the man who chose his career over her. 
When an old college friend invites her to Italy for an impromptu wedding, she jumps at the chance to focus on something other than her own misery. 
Tate Patton is doing his best to ignore the divorce papers that just landed on his desk. A rational, reasonable man would sign and be done with it. Instead, he seizes upon a wedding invitation to do something completely impetuous—ignore the papers and fly to Rome. 
When they lay eyes on each other, the sparks fly as hot as the first time they met. Maybe the more mature versions of themselves can fix what’s broken. Their love is too strong not to try… 

Ooh, sounds very intriguing.  I love reunion stories.  It’s so nice to have you here too, Karen. So, tell me, how did you two meet and how did you convince Crystal to tell your story? 

(Karen) I have three best friends—Meg, Julie, and Anne—and we’ve known each other since middle school. We met Crystal when she started telling Meg’s story, and I showed up a little there. I was the staid, married one of the group, so nothing exciting was supposed to happen with me.

Then in Julie’s story—well, that’s when Tate and I split up. It was pretty rough, and I spent some time camping out on Anne’s couch. Her mom lives with her, and if you’d met the drama llama mama, you’d understand how big a deal it was to stay with her. Whew. I’m the mellow one of the group, and even I almost smacked the drama llama a couple of times.

After that, well, I wasn’t really interested in having my story told, but Tate and Crystal conspired against me.

The drama llama mama?  Hmm.  So, what’s it like working with Crystal? Were there any parts of the story you two disagreed on?

(Karen)  Ha! The beginning, middle, and end. I’m the mellow one, remember? But you break my heart like Tate did, and I’m not going down without a fight. Okay, so I fell into bed with him on the first day in Rome. That’s just chemistry, right? Right. That doesn’t mean you’re calling off the divorce.

Crystal’s pretty laidback herself—when she’s not torturing you by shoving your almost-ex-husband in your face—but I think she almost killed me off once or twice when I dug in my heels a little too hard. Tate had to talk her out of it.

(Crystal)  Oh, yeah. There were a few gruesome deaths that ran through my imagination. Luckily for Karen, Tate’s a lawyer, so he’s pretty good at talking people into—or out of—things.

Well I’m glad she was talked out if killing you off. That would have made for a very short story, and well, no sex. Tell me about Tate.  How did you two meet?

(Karen) Tate and I met about a decade ago while we were both doing foreign exchange in Rome during our junior year of college. He and his friend Giovanni were living in the apartment right above me and my roommate, Valentina. I ran into Tate—literally—while picking up my mail one day. He asked me out, and we eventually introduced our roomies, who got married during our reunion story. If you want to know how Tate proposed to me, Crystal wrote that story too. It’s called Italian Interlude.

(Crystal)  It’s also permanently free, so people can get a taste of the Karen-Tate fun without investing anything.

What’s he like? What first attracted you to him?

(Karen) Tate’s the tall, dark, and handsome type. That’s nice, but personality is much more important. He was smart, ambitious, and focused, just like me. Even as college kids, we knew what we wanted out of life and we weren’t afraid to go after it. We just clicked on so many levels right from the start.

Unfortunately, his ambition also drove us apart. He turned into a workaholic lawyer who had no time to be married, and I got tired of his corporate mistress. So I left, and he had to work his ass off to win me back. I made him chase me all the way to Rome and back again.

Good for you.  I hope you had him buy you some new shoes from some swanky designers. You deserved at least that.  Oh, wait, that’s me and my shoe addition.  Sorry. Do you have a great first kiss story you can share?

(Karen)  Well, when we started dating we explored Rome together and we went to the Capitoline Museum on one of our first dates. We got to this marble statue of Cupid and Psyche kissing, and he made some teasing remark about being able to do better than that. Well…he wasn’t lying, that’s all I’ll say. The man knows how to kiss. Um…he may have talked me into another kiss in front of that statue during our reunion story. I know, I know, resistance if futile!

LOL. What’s your favorite part of the story? And why?

(Karen) There was this part where Tate got down on his knees and begged me to take him back. Okay, so he was just kneeling beside me because I was sitting, but there was some definite knee action going on. Plus, he promised to buy me a pony if I gave him another chance. Any color I wanted! Who could resist that kind of offer?

(Crystal)  Not me! I never did get that pony I always wanted.

(Karen) You poor dear. No wonder you turned out the way you did. Sadist.

(Crystal) I can still kill you in the next book, you know. Behave yourself.

(Karen) Tate will talk you out of it. He loves me.

(Crystal) *long-suffering sigh* 

Shoes!  Ladies, go for some sexy come-devour-me- big-boy shoes. You can never go wrong with sexy shoes! Honest. I know that of which I speak. 😉

Now, let’s play Casting Call.  What actors would you cast for the main roles in your story? 

Drew-barrymore-short-haircutKaren would be played by Drew Barrymore, because she often has that girl-next-door appeal that Karen exudes. Plus, she has curves and so does Karen.

Jon-HammTate would be played by Jon Hamm. Tall, dark, handsome with a bit of gravel to his voice, he looks amazing in a suit and has the ability to charm when he needs to.

Okay, how about a few fun questions:

  1. Favorite color? Green.

  2. Dream car? Um…whatever gets me where I want to go reliably.

  3. Favorite drink? Limoncello. It’s a lemon Italian liqueur Tate’s mother introduced me to the day I met her. Trust me, when you meet the Patton family, booze is a requirement!

  4. Favorite meal? I love sharing a gelato with Tate. Bring on the sugar rush!

  5. Favorite animal? I like dogs. Loyal, smart, and they love you even on your worst day.

  6. Long hair or short hair? Short hair. I just cut mine off to launch my new life as a single woman. Tate talked me out of the single part, but I still like the new ‘do.

  7. One thing you regret? This is hard. Maybe I should have left Tate sooner, and then maybe he would have woken up about how serious our problems were. But I’m not sure I could have left him until I was absolutely sure there was no hope.

  8. Best trait of your love interest? I used to say it was his ambition, but now? I think it’s his stubbornness. I was fed up enough to walk away, but he’s hanging on. I think I need that from him right now, and he’s 100% there for me.

  9. Worst trait of your love interest? He has a tendency towards being a workaholic. It’s a problem, but he’s learning to rein it in.

  10. Vacation destination for your honeymoon? Another trip to Rome, of course! It’s my favorite city in the world. I fell in love with it and Tate at the same time, so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Crystal, one last question.  What’s next for you?

(Crystal) I have a Viking paranormal boxed set coming out in October, and then in December I’m going to be telling Karen’s friend Anne’s story in Alaskan Adventure. It’s going to be epic! Plus, you’ll get to see if Karen and Tate have a boy or a girl.

(Karen) I already know the answer to that one. And, also, Crystal does not kill me off.

(Crystal) Don’t tempt me. I still have to revise that story before it comes out. Bad, bad things could happen to you.

(Karen) Uh-huh. Then you’d be stuck with the baby.

(Crystal) Okay, and Karen is not going to be killed off. I don’t do babies.

Thank you so very much for dropping in and visiting with me and my readers today. I’ve enjoyed talking with both of you and I look forward to reading Roman Reunion. Crystal, congratulations and Karen, congrats to you too, and good luck. Something tells me, you might need it. 😉

(Crystal) I had a blast! Thanks again for having me.

(Karen) Well, that wasn’t too bad for my first try at interviewing. Whew.

k Introducing k

Roman Reunion

Destination Desire # 3

By: Crystal Jordan

Available September 2, 2014 





Karen had forgotten how vibrant the city was, especially the narrow, sloping alleys that made up the Trastevere rione where she’d gone to college and where Valentina and Gio still lived.

Karen had always loved it here. The rush of cars at a breakneck speed they’d never dare in America, the mass of people from all over the world who’d come to visit, the historic architecture, museums, and monuments. She dragged in a breath…and the tantalizing aroma of Italian food hit her nose. There was a restaurant on the bottom floor of Gio and Valentina’s building. Karen’s mouth watered, her stomach growled, and she was forcefully reminded that it would be breakfast time if she were in California. A nine hour time difference could really mess a body up.

Her old friends lived on the top floor, so Karen had stepped outside on the balcony to escape the wedding preparation madness. She was fairly certain every single female relative of Valentina’s had managed to cram themselves into the apartment. And they were loud and boisterous and happy. But mostly loud. Propping her elbows on the railing, Karen looked out over the skyline. A thousand different levels of rooflines, a few cathedral duomos, and she could just see the Vatican peeking between some of the buildings. So different from what she was used to.

A wave of laughter spilled out of the apartment, and she glanced back with a grin. They were a nice family—one who’d welcomed her for every holiday during the year she’d spent in Rome. Glancing at her watch, she saw it was well past time when she could check into her hotel.

It took her another half an hour to say goodbye to everyone because they all insisted on a hug and a kiss from her, told her how beautiful she was, how much they liked her new hairstyle, insisted she come back and join them for dinner. Finally, Valentina laughed, grabbed Karen’s elbow and thrust her out the door or she might never have escaped. She was still grinning when she hit the bottom of the staircase and entered the lobby.

And slammed into someone trying to go up the stairs. She stumbled back, an apology on her lips, but it never formed as her gaze collided with her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s.

“Tate,” she said faintly, falling back another step. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

The flash of utter shock on his face told her he’d had no idea they would both be in Rome either. He cleared his throat and shrugged. “The same thing you are, I’d imagine. Attending an old friend’s wedding.”

There was no way he’d had any more notice on the invitation than she’d had, which meant he’d done something spontaneous for the first time in years. She crossed her arms. “You dropped everything, just like that? You?”

He snorted. “Got one too many calls from Dad the night Gio invited me, so I ran away from home.”

The mere glimmer of a smile crossed her lips. “About time.”

Shaking his head, he huffed out a laugh. His gaze flitted over her. “You changed your hair.”

“Yes.” She flicked the tips with her fingers. “A new look to start my new life. I like it.”

He winced. She tried not to cringe because, really, she hadn’t meant to rub his face in it. It was just the standard response she’d come up with every time someone asked why she’d cut it.

Then there was an awkward moment where she had no idea what to say. She hadn’t expected to see him, didn’t have a list of banal conversational topics ready to save her from uncomfortable silences. “Uh…okay.” She glanced aside. “I need to go check in to my hotel. I, um, guess I’ll see you at dinner tonight.”

“Yes.” He let her get halfway across the lobby before he called out. “Out of curiosity, which hotel are you staying at?”

“The Gianicolo.”

“Me too.” An ironic smile tilted up one corner of his mouth. “Giovanni recommended it to you too, huh?”

She pressed the tips of her fingers against her temple and rubbed at the building pain. “I may have to murder him.”

“Not if I beat you to it.” A muscle ticked in his jaw, and he waved her off. “See you at dinner.”


Then they went their separate ways. As usual.


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CrystalJordanCrystal Jordan is originally from California, but has lived and worked all over the United States as a university librarian. An award winning author, Crystal has published contemporary, paranormal, futuristic, and erotic romance with Kensington Aphrodisia, Harlequin Spice Briefs, Ellora’s Cave, and Samhain Publishing.


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Saturday, September 6th, 2014

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