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Forever Starts Today!

Monday, April 10th, 2017

It’s Release Day!

Exclusive Excerpt Below

Love doesn’t last, not even in Forever.

Sadie has been disappointed time and again and gives no credence to the myth she’ll one day find her true love. Her small hometown offers little in the way of opportunity, excitement, or anonymity, but guilt and resentment keep her Forever bound.
Asher craves distance from the city and the business his father insists he join. He’s hoping the quaint town of Forever will spark his muse and give him clarity to make major life decisions. He’s not looking for love, but a strange encounter and an odd gift give him a glimpse into a future where his destiny becomes clearer every day.


He waited until his mother and aunt made it through the door, and then turned in time to catch a woman a few inches shorter than him as she slammed into his chest. “Whoa.”

A beautiful woman. Who smelled real good.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry,” she said.

Man, her voice was sexy. All throaty and a little breathless. His mind immediately jumped to wicked thoughts. She looked up, and all he saw was big sapphire blue eyes and long blond tresses. Her cheeks turned bright red. It looked good on her. A sudden image of her looming over him, riding him hard, her face and neck flushed pink, her eyes dark with arousal filled his tiny brain while the all the blood in his body rushed to his groin. He cleared his throat but not the vision. Asher needed some distance between them before she could realize where his thoughts had gone. “No, I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and spun around too fast.”

Gorgeous. Stunning in a casual girl-next-door kind of way. Her hair hung down her back in soft curls, but had a messy look to it, as though she’d been sliding her fingers through it in the recent past. Or after he’d spent hours running his fingers through it. She had a dimple on her right cheek. She had a cute button-shaped nose and high cheekbones.

She looked familiar, but he didn’t know her.

He stuck his hands in his pockets before he reached for her, and his fingers encountered the locket. He had forgotten about it while eating his lunch. Now its warmth flowed through him when he wrapped his hand around it, grounding him in an odd way.

“Um…” The flush in her cheeks darkened. Her eyes widened. She blinked a few times, fluttering long dark lashes before she dropped her gaze to where she still had her hands pressed flat against his chest. She curled her fingers the tiniest bit before she snapped them back and almost jumped backward another two feet. “I’m sorry.”

Asher wiped one finger across his mouth, surreptitiously confirming no drool trickled from the corner of his lips. All was good, but damn, the woman was a stunner. Perfect height. Perfect weight, not model thin like many of the woman who ran in his circles back home. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but Christ, why did so many women give up eating? Did they honestly believe the thinner they were, the more attractive they’d be? Didn’t they realize many men liked women they could hold without fear of crushing?

He adored women who loved and embraced their bodies— tall, short, athletic, curvy and yes even thin. He liked women who enjoyed meals without feeling the need to order eat only a small salad as their main course.

She had curves. Delicious curves. She wore a yellow dress that hugged every swell she owned. At home, women with bodies like hers covered them with clothes a size larger. Thankfully, she didn’t.

She must have been with the group he’d noticed over in the corner. He hadn’t paid them much attention as he’d been more focused on helping his aunt get settled. While they discussed the ice-cream shop, he had scoured a local newspaper a previous diner had left behind. All eight pages. Eight pages that included births, obits, the heat wave, abnormal for this time of year, and the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance.

His gaze dipped down to where the dress she wore had a modest V that displayed the tops of her creamy and exquisite looking breasts. “It’s not a problem.” He forced his feet to move and stepped out of the way, but stretched out his right arm to push open and hold the door for her. “After you.”

“Thank you.” She kept her gaze glued to the floor and angled her body as she walked past.

“My name’s Asher. My aunt runs the ice-cream shop.” The necklace in his pocket shifted, catching his attention for a split second.

She raised her head. “. How’s Lorraine doing?”

“Good. Sore. Frustrated. The doctor wants her off her feet and resting for a few days. Sounds like she’s been trying to do too much.”

She laughed. She had a beautiful genuine sounding laugh. “Yes, many stepped in to help, and some of the students took different shifts while she was in the hospital. She’s not one to accept support or delegate. As soon as they released her, I’m sure she spent more time at the shop than anybody else. I’m glad to hear she finally reached out to family, though.” She paused. “I didn’t even know she had family until my mother mentioned it.”

“My mom and I arrived yesterday.”

“Are you staying in town for long?”

“A few weeks. Depends on my aunt.” They had stopped on the sidewalk in front of the pub. “I didn’t catch your name,” he said.

“I didn’t give it.” She smiled, her mouth curving in an appealing grin. She also had perfect white teeth.

“My aunt told me the people in Forever were friendly and polite.”

She nodded. “Most are.”

He laughed. “So, you’re not one of them?”


“Pretty name.” A beautiful name.

She snorted.

“You don’t agree? There’s not many Sadie’s out there. You’re the first one I’ve met.”

“Yeah, well, I wish I wasn’t one.”

He frowned. “I’m not sure I understand why? It’s okay to be unique.” In the back of his mind, he chuckled as he heard his grandmother’s words coming out of his mouth. “Your parents could have called you Jane or Diane. Or good grief, Tiffany or Britney.” He tried for levity. Mind you, he knew more than a few Tiffany’s and Britney’s.

She gave him a sharp look. “Not if you’re named after a dance.”

He stared at her. “Seriously? Your name is Sadie Hawkins?”

~ * ~


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Who’s the Boss? Is it Frankie? or Gabe?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

It’s a brand new installment in The Vault Series.

Meet Frankie Stevens and Gabe McBride in

Who’s the Boss


Who gets to be the boss when they’re both used to being in charge?

Frankie Stevens has always preferred dirt and trucks to dresses and dolls. Wear a pair of heels? Never. Construction boots are as comfortable as a pair of slippers. Her dream is to make a name for herself in the construction industry, the world she grew up in, by running the company she inherited after her father’s death. Unfortunately, somebody is willing to sabotage her business to make sure she doesn’t succeed. Looks as if she needs a security professional to protect her assets. Too bad that professional turns out to be the devilishly handsome Gabe McBride. How can she be expected to get any work done with that dominant, infuriating man around?

Gabe McBride has some old-fashioned beliefs. Being “man of the house” after his father passed away and now part-owner of The Vault, an upscale BDSM club, he takes his role as protector very seriously. When he meets Frankie, he expects a hard-edged, been-around-the-block-a-few-times owner of a construction company. Instead he finds himself toe-to-toe with a feisty sprite, who swears like one her men and smells like lilacs and sawdust. Gabe feels like he’s stumbled across a fault line and is precariously straddling both sides. She may not fit any of the boxes on his perfect-woman checklist, but his head is jammed full of erotic images of her. He’s determined to protect her and uncover who is out to ruin her business, but she’s clearly a woman used to being in charge. Now he must get this beautiful, fiery woman to submit to him for both her safety and her pleasure…



Gabe paused, his finger hovering over the screen, but he didn’t look up. From afar, the voice had been deep and gravelly, immediately conjuring an image of what he assumed Frank Stevens would look like.

But from a couple of feet away, its texture softened and the smoky quality rolled over him, doing something funky to his insides. His cock stirred. It was the first time, in a very long time, that Gabe reacted to a few simple words. Words that offered no sexual inflection, no offer to please, no request for dominance.

Gabe swallowed, and willed his body to regain control. That voice definitely did not belong to a man. He raised his head, and his breath caught in his throat.

Before him stood a petite woman. A fucking beautiful-as-hell, petite woman. The top of her head probably only reached the middle of his chest when he was standing. In his current relaxed pose, she looked straight at his neck area. She wore her dark hair tucked up under her construction hat. A few long tendrils had escaped, and those she’d wrapped behind her ears. Ears that held simple gold studs. Man, he hoped her hair, when lose, cascaded down to the middle of her back in glorious waves.

She’d removed her safety glasses and had them dangling from the fingers of her right hand, leaving him with nothing to do but stare into a pair of exotic eyes, the most amazing shade of green. Some might call them plain old hazel eyes. But they made him think of colors he’d find deep in the rain forest. A jungle he’d happily get lost in.

Her waist indented just the right amount. His fingers itched to span it and see if they could meet. He didn’t think so, and that unconfirmed guess sent a spike of desire rushing though him because he preferred a woman he could hold without digging his fingertips into her rib cage. One he could grip around the middle while she rode him hard and fast. Then agonizingly slow.

The perfect-sized waist was currently emphasized by a button-down plaid shirt she’d tucked into her dusty jeans and closed off with a light brown leather tool belt. His gaze raked her from head to toe and back again before drifting down to her feet, which were covered in well-worn scuffed work boots. He dragged his eyes back up to her face and zeroed in on those stunning eyes, currently shaded by the brim of her white construction hat.

Holy shit. He must have stumbled across a fault line and precariously straddled both sides.

“You’re wasting my time, mister.” She rubbed her forehead leaving a smudge of dirt behind. “Who are you? And what do you want? Make it quick because I have work to do.


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Its the TRS Christmas Party!

Thursday, December 17th, 2015


TRS is celebrating the holidays with their yearly Christmas Party!

And they are giving away an Amazon gift card to one lucky reader!

There’s lots of other prizes to be had from TRA and the many participating authors.

Where is it going to be held?

The event will be held exclusively at our party site.

When is it going to be held?

From December 17th through Midnight EST December 23, 2015.

 When will the prizes be given out?
The winner of the gift card will be selected at random on December 24th. Other prizes from TRS, its featured authors, and all other participating authors will be assigned at each donor’s earliest convenience following the end of the event.

Okay so HOW do you enter for the gift card?

Authors will be posting during the event period at the party site about their latest books and other related items.  Comment on any of the posts at any time during the event AND complete the entry form at the party site for the gift card giveaway and you will be entered into the drawing for the gift card.

How do you enter for the other prizes?

For other prizes donated by TRS, some of its featured authors and other participating authors, there will be easy to use giveaway forms at the party site. Other authors will be awarding prizes to those who comment on their posts. There may be other contests/chance to win prizes as outlined by the individual author or participant.


I’ll be posting throughout the event so stop in, say hi and enter for your chance to win to awesome prizes!

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#BlogTour Wicked Indulgence is Going on Tour

Monday, November 9th, 2015

WI Blog tour BannerJamie, Melissa and Daniel are hitting the road on a week long blog tour!



You can find me at these stops throughout the week.

I’ll come back to insert links to the posts.


November 9th

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November 10th

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November 11th

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November 12th

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November 13th

Book Boyfriend Hangover
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Please stop in and say hi to the hosts and myself.

And don’t forget to checkout the giveaway at each stop along the trip!


Click on the image below to take you to the Book Enthusiasts site so you can participate in the giveaway.

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#NewRelease How Wonderful Wicked Can Be…Wicked Indulgence by Anne Lange

Friday, July 31st, 2015

exciting news 5

Two men.

One woman.

How wonderful wicked can be.




Jamie prefers one-night stands to the risk of hurting someone he loves. He’s not willing to repeat the past. Years ago his naïve attempts at Dominance left his girlfriend bruised and frightened, and she mysteriously left town rather than show her face around him again.

Daniel wants something more. He hopes that one day he and Jamie will find that perfect woman to share forever. As members of the prestigious BDSM club known as The Vault and co-owners in a veterinary clinic, he never thought she’d walk through their door. Or ask for his best friend. Melissa has done everything she can to protect the only man she’s ever loved.

Finally rid of her abusive ex, she’s living on her own terms. Only she never counted on Daniel, a man who ignites enough sizzle in her body to compete with her passion for her first love, Jamie. And in order for them to be happy, she needs to find a way to put the past, and the people who won’t remain there, behind her for good…and convince Jamie that he was never the monster he thought himself to be…


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Read an Excerpt


Exclusive Excerpt

©2015 Anne Lange

“What do you say, Melissa. Want to give it a try?” Daniel’s voice dropped to a seductive level.

Unwanted memories from his past tried to resurface, but Jamie shoved them back into hiding again. He recognized that tone. Daniel had taken a predatory posture, all but flaring his nostrils and marking his turf. He stared intensely at Mel, his eyes dark with longing. Shit. If he had any hope of getting Melissa out of here, it had to be now. If he allowed her to be tempted by Daniel, all bets were off, because he couldn’t stand by and watch his friend fuck her.

At least, not without him.

“Out here in the open?” her voice squeaked.

“Yes. But if that’s a hard limit for you, we can go to one of the rooms if they’re free or behind the curtain.”

“I know what limits are, but I haven’t given any consideration to my own.”

Daniel glanced around the space, his gaze landing momentarily on Jamie before sweeping away and then back to her.

“This area’s not as well lit as some others,” Daniel said. “And most people are involved in other activities so we shouldn’t draw much of an audience.”

Jamie tensed as Daniel stepped closer to Melissa. Part of him wanted to yank her back and take her home. A bigger part of him cheered Daniel on.

“Does the idea of being watched scare or excite you?” Daniel asked.

The mere idea of fucking Melissa in front of other club members turned Jamie on in the worst way. But his fear of losing control in front of them scared him more. Once he had Melissa within his hold, would time slip away and he’d become that clumsy teenager again? The one who had a plethora of erotic ideas swimming around in his head, but not a bit of practical skill? Or would he be the apprentice who got so turned on at finally having a flogger in his hand that he lost sight of his sub’s feelings and reactions to the scene and focused only on the implement and its impact against her flesh?

His heart thumped and his gut bottomed out when she raised her head and stared straight at him. A gleam sparkled in her eyes he couldn’t decipher it. Jamie held his breath waiting for her response regardless. If she said no now, he could get her out and he’d never risk losing his control. If she said yes…

“I’ll admit, I’ve never done it in front of a room of people before, but I’m game.”

Was she challenging him?

“Who’s going to be the lucky one to do the honors?” she asked.

“Daniel.” Jamie needed more time.

Disappointment exploded over her face, creating a knot of instant regret in his stomach, but he’d made his decision and Daniel, the bastard, looked pleased as punch.

“Melissa.” Daniel reached for her hand while Jamie cursed his stupid ass. “Are you sure? Tell me now if you really don’t want to do this. And this can all stop and we’ll head back upstairs.”

Determination saturated her expression. Jamie’s heart rate kicked up, his pleas unvoiced but deafening inside his head. She tightened her lips slightly than turned full on to Daniel. The sudden loss of her heated stare reminded him of the dousing he’d taken as part of the ice-bucket challenge.

“I do. I want to. After all, that’s why I came here tonight.”

Daniel darted a glance his way. Fantastic. Now he looked concerned.

“OK, then. How about we start with you stripping, sweetheart? Take off everything but your underwear and lay over the bench there. On your belly. I’m not going to strap you down though. Unless, of course, you force me to,” Daniel teased. He even added a wink to soften the threat.

Jamie rolled his eyes. He knew Daniel preferred their woman tied neatly to the bench. The only reason his partner was being lax in his orders and behaviors tonight was because of Melissa’s inexperience.

Jamie’s palms grew damp while he waited for Melissa to remove her leather skirt and corset. He remembered her breasts as though he’d touched them last yesterday. Just a little over a perfect handful, they blushed beautifully when she was aroused. Large pink nipples that turned ruby red when he’d sucked on them just so. She’d always been embarrassed with the size of her nipples. For a tiny-framed woman, they were rather large. But he’d thought they suited her perfectly. He remembered how delicious they’d tasted and his mouth watered.

She began to swivel, presenting them with her back, but Daniel stopped her. “Face this way, sweetheart. We want to see you.”

She turned and Jamie nearly swallowed his tongue taking his first truly good look at her tonight. She’d left her hair long, but there was a gentle wave through it. Her makeup was light, just enough to add color to her skin tone. Her shoulders were bared by the corset that hugged her like a second skin, narrowing her waist and pushing her breasts up high. The soft globes jostled with every movement, tempting him with the very idea of a glimpse of nipple.

She began to unclasp the eyehooks one by one, slowly, provocatively, though he guessed she probably hadn’t intended it to be a show. Her fingers trembled. Jamie almost, almost leaped forward. Whether to help her or cover her up and whisk her away he wasn’t sure.

She’d started at the bottom, so when she released the last hook at the top and spread the blue material wide, her breasts fell into her waiting hands as the garment fell to the floor, making him even harder than he’d already been. Beside him, Daniel sucked in a breath.

She bent to pick it up, folded it, and looked around for a place to lay it. Daniel sprang forward. “Here, I’ll take that.”

She gave him a shy smile, then reached back to unzip her skirt and pushed it down over her hips to the floor. She daintily stepped out of it, picked it up, and passed it to Daniel. Jamie had to bite his tongue. She wore a skimpy black thong. A piece of string really, that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Not even a freckle.

“Well.” Daniel cleared his throat. “That’s hardly worth keeping on.”

She reacted, placing her hands on her hips to remove it as well.

“Wait. I didn’t say you could take it off,” Daniel chastised her. “It may not be much more than a piece of floss, but I think I quite like seeing it separating those exquisite cheeks of yours.”

Melissa looked as though she were assessing the situation. She swallowed. Gulped. Swallowed again. And nodded.

Daniel’s reflection expressed one of pure lust. Jamie’s own throat burned, and he suddenly decided he could use a drink of cold water.

Daniel stepped close to her and dipping his head, brushed his lips across her jaw. “You’re beautiful, Melissa.”

Jamie felt a twinge.

Melissa licked her lips.

“Bend over the bench, facing away from us.” Daniel turned her around and gave her a light swat on her behind.

She jumped.

Jamie flexed his fingers.


~ * ~


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