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May 13

Leaving on a Jet Plane…off to NOLA!!!

  And I’m on my way…   to Well, Canal Street, actually…but close enough.  I’m ALMOST positive I’ll hit Bourbon street at SOME point during my vacation…ah…I mean…  And, I promise there will NOT be any… HAHAHAHHAHHA!!!! Okay, I cannot lie. I’m ALMOST positive there will be some partying. I will be here on Thursday …

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May 08

The Countdown to NOLA is ON!


  The countdown is on!   Yes,  next week I’ll be in New Orleans, hyperventilating over seeing some of my all-time favorite authors, rubbing elbows with publishers, agent, editors and readers, and meeting and partying with some wonderful ladies I’ve been talking with on-line for some time now.  I cannot wait to meet these guys live …

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Feb 24

SJ Maylee’s Writing Process

From my post on February 10th, here is SJ Maylee’s follow-up post on her writing process    

Jan 22

A Girl by Any Other Name, by MK Schiller

I’d like to welcome MK Schiller and Caleb Tanner. Congratulations MK on your release of A Girl by Any Other Name. It’s such fun having a new release isn’t it? Or, sometimes, it’s quite overwhelming.  How was this release for you as compared to your previous release(s)?   (MK) First, I wanted to thank you for …

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Jan 20

Wow! What a weekend!

  Friends with Benefits is finally out in the world, and seems to be doing pretty well!   Today’s the final day of the  promo blitz, so don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway.  See at the bottom of this post for the Rafflecopter Entry.   Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting …

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Jan 07

Even Flint Couldn’t Save Me from the ABC’s

  I tried, but he told me I was on my own. *sigh* Truly, I am honoured *truly, I didn’t pay her*  that Shehanne considered me for this prestigious award.  As she noted, the first rule is quite simple. Rule 1: Display the logo Rule 2: Link it back to the person (that would be Shehanne Moore) who gave you this nomination. …

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Dec 29

They Tell Me Christmas is Over?

Christmas is over! What do you mean? When did that happen? Where the hell was I? It would seem the past week has sped by while I was tucked away in my office. My friend Shehanne Moore was looking high and low for me but couldn’t find me anywhere.  Even Ranting got in on the search. …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!!!

I’d just like to wish all of my family, friends, followers, author pals, everyone far and wide   MERRY CHRISTMAS!     

Dec 20

Some classics w/Crosby, Bowie, Garland, and Elvis

Today we’re back with Shehanne Moore for the Tenth Day of Christmas.  We’re getting close, and I must say, things are just getting hotter in this particular holiday tune! Shehanne and I are writing new lyrics to an old song. We’ve each got a giveaway that ends next week, on December 24th. Click on this Rafflecopter Link to increase your …

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Dec 18

It’s a White Christmas and we have eight helpers

It’s the second week of The Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas with myself and Shehanne Moore.  We’re writing some new lyrics to an old song. We’ve each got a giveaway happening that ends next week, on December 24th. Click on this Rafflecopter Link to increase your chances to win. What’s your favorite Christmas carol? Tell me in a …

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