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The Little Black Shoe

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Flat shoes, casual shows, work shoes, athletic shoes, dress shoes, fuck-me shoes. There are far too many classifications of shoes for women. But what woman doesn’t love shoes. Our only problem, as far as I can see, is the extensive number of choices. Too many styles, too many colours.

Men, in my humble opinion, have it easy. When they need to match a pair of shoes with their outfit, whether the occasion calls for business, casual, or business casual, they typically have two choices – black or brown.

Not so easy for us though, is it ladies? First, we need to decide the following:

  • Should I match my shoes to my outfit?
  • Should I choose an opposite colour for contrast?
  • Do I go with low heels or high heels? (How far do I have to walk?)
  • Am I going for comfort or sex appeal?
  • Or do I go with black? Black goes with everything, right?

Well, yes, black goes to almost everything. But, does it end there? Can you simply grab your black shoes from the floor of your closet, slip them on and away you go?

Ah, no. Why? First, we need to run through the questions above again. Then we need to pick the right pair of black shoes. The right pair, your male counterpart may ask.  Hell, yes. Different styles, different heights, different material, and yes, if you look close enough, probably even different shades of black.

Not just any old black pair of three-inch heels will go with my black cocktail dress. Oh, no. I must decide if I prefer the closed toe, peep toe, pointed toe, open toe, mule, sling back, pump, platform, kitten heel, fuck-me heel, wedge heel, stiletto heel….and it goes on.

The little black shoe. A staple in every woman’s closet. Although, unlike the cocktail dress and the pencil skirt, of which we may own one of each, I’m almost certain most of us have at least five pairs of black shoes in our closet. Off the top of my head, I count eight in mine. Maybe it’s just me and I’m a shoe addict (I’ve certainly been accused of it).

Do you like your black shoes as much as all the others? How many do you have? And most of all, are you always on the lookout for the next pair that you simply can’t do without?