My Projects

A Look Ahead at What’s Coming in 2016!

Here’s a peek at what’s in store for 2016:

  • Blind Taste Test is part of Salacious, a new collection of previously written stories from Secret Hungers currently available for pre-order and being released on Jan 12.

  • Hers to Own will be coming out in print later this month. I’ve received the printing rights back, so watch for a brand new look on this one when it’s released.

  • Her Choice, my first solely self-pubbed book will be coming soon. I had to post-pone this one from a 2015 release, but it’s being moved back to the front burner very shortly. Release Date Spring 2016

  • Who’s The Boss, Gabe McBride’s story in The Vault Series is with the publisher! Release Date TBA., but I’m hoping for early summer.

  • Scoring in Overtime, the next in A New League Series, will be completed. Release Date TBA.

  • The next ménage story in The Vault Series, will probably be released later in 2016. I’ll be starting this one any day now.

  • I hope to receive the rights back to Worth the Risk, my very first story published any day now. I want to expand and re-release this story in the coming year in both e-book and print.

  • I plan to begin at least one of my many series I have lined up. These will all be self-published projects. One will include a holiday story for next December that I’m really excited about.

  • I’m working on a secret project with the Sexy Scribblers! We are VERY excited about this. You’ll hear more about it later this year as we work out the details.

  • I’m having a brand new website designed that I’m absolutely thrilled with. Watch for a brand new look to come soon that blends the old with the new.

I expect 2016 to be a wonderfully busy year.  But for that to happen, it means I have to get back to work now.




Take care