Be forewarned…the material you find on these sites is for adult eyes only – most have erotic and/or romantic elements – and may contain graphic language and/or images.  Only people of age should check them out.

This page is constantly changing (or hasn’t been updated in a while ..oops), so please check back for updates.

Just a few of the authors I follow:

Brenda Zinn

Catherine Cavendish

Charley Descoteaux

C.P. Foster

Dani Wade

Delilah Devlin

Gloria Richard

Harlie Williams

Jenny Lyn

Nena Clements

Shayla Black

Shehanne Moore

Rachel Firasek

Renea Mason

Valerie Twombly

SJ Maylee

Other Links of Interest:

The Edited Life

Deborah Riley-Magnus, Writeaholic

Kiss and Thrill

RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk

Diamond State Romance Authors

Autumn After Dark

EDH Graphics

The Reed Files

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