Be forewarned…the material you find on these sites is for adult eyes only – most have erotic and/or romantic elements – and may contain graphic language and/or images.  Only people of age should check them out.

This page is constantly changing (or hasn’t been updated in a while ..oops), so please check back for updates.

Just a few of the authors I follow:

Brenda Zinn

Catherine Cavendish

Charley Descoteaux

C.P. Foster

Dani Wade

Delilah Devlin

Gloria Richard

Harlie Williams

Jenny Lyn

Nena Clements

Shayla Black

Shehanne Moore

Rachel Firasek

Other Links of Interest:

The Edited Life

Deborah Riley-Magnus, Writeaholic

Kiss and Thrill

RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk

Diamond State Romance Authors

Autumn After Dark

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