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Mar 08

Guest Katya Armock

It’s been a few weeks since I shared a recipe, so today author Katya  Armock is joining me to share one of her favorites and to tell us about her latest release from Etopia Press, To Hiss or to Kiss. Thanks for hosting me, Anne. Today, I’m going to share a recipe. My main characters, Chloe and Jorge, share …

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Feb 22

Guest: Antonia van Zandt

My treat for you today is fellow Etopian, Antonia van Zandt. In honor of her latest release Vienna Valentine she’s sharing with us a little history on Vienna. Vienna – Capital of Romance For some, it has to be Paris. For others, the eternal city of Rome. But, for me, one city towers head and shoulders …

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Feb 01

Charley Descoteaux is in the house!


I have a special treat today – My very first visitor!  I feel like I’m in the big time now.  Cool!  Fellow Etopian Charley Descoteaux is blogging here today about Romancing In Place.  And while Charley’s here, I’m over on her blog chatting about today’s technology.  So, please head over there later and check it …

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Jan 30

Visiting RRR

Today I’m over at Ravencraft’s Romance Realm chatting with Charlene Wilson.  Please stop in and say hi. http://ravencraftrealm.blogspot.ca/ Anne

Jan 27

The FINAL-Six Sentence Sunday-Jan 27, 2013

We’ve hit the end of Six Sentence Sunday folks.  I only just began in late December, and already the last call for this ride has been made.  Please check out my new release – Worth the Risk …where…Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past…  for more click on my Books …

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Jan 20

Six Sentence Sunday – Jan 20, 2013

We’re nearing the official end of SSS.  Oh No!  Please check out my new release – Worth the Risk …where…Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past…  for more click on my Books tab And now, this week’s Six Sentence Sunday edition of A Legacy of Secrets, my current project, unedited. This …

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Jan 13

Six Sentence Sunday – Jan 13, 2013

By now, most of us are back to work, whatever that day-job happens to be.  Unfortunately, for me, it’s not doing what I would prefer to be doing – writing. But, regardless of that, I’m here to give you six sentences.  I’ve decided to continue with lines from my currently unedited version of A Legacy …

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Jan 11

Internet Piracy-Who’s Gonna Pay My Bills?

So, my release has been out for exactly one week.  ONE WEEK. And already, I’ve found it being offered for free on the web.  Neither I, nor my publisher put it there.  I have asked to have it removed.  I have not yet had a response.  I can only speak for myself, but I’d be …

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Jan 06

Six Sentence Sunday – Jan 6, 2013

Happy New Years! 2012 is gone and 2013 is the here and now.  I hope everyone had a great holiday. I struggled with the decision of what to provide for this edition of  Six Sentence Sunday. Should I continue with lines from a work in progress?  Or start the year with something new? Perhaps something from …

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Dec 30

Six Sentence Sunday – Dec 30, 2012

Christmas is over. Does anybody else find it sad that it’s just…over?  That’s it, that’s all, time to pack it all away until next year? Well, to get you through the last couple of days of 2012, here’s my December 30 edition of  Six Sentence Sunday, which continues with lines from a current work in progress.  …

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