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A New Look & a New Book!

Monday, September 11th, 2017
The Vault Series has a brand new look for the menage stories.


Exchange of Power is the brand new release in The Vault Series.
It’s a new menage with some friends you’ve already met in the other books.

Watch for an excerpt and a giveaway coming soon!

Can an exchange of power lead to a happily ever after?

Burned in the past by men who should have loved her, Lynette Winters is starting to give up on her happily ever after. She made a standing date with herself long ago. If by her thirty-fifth birthday she hasn’t found the right man—one who will treat her as an equal and not the hired help—then she’ll find a bar somewhere, toast the farewell of her girlish dreams, and fully embrace her life of solitude. After all, she has a great career, friends she enjoys, and the BDSM lifestyle, which keeps her firmly in control of the subs at the Vault. With her whip in one hand and her self-control in the other, she gets all the fulfillment a Domme needs. Even if she can’t reach orgasm herself.

Deacon Trisk and Blake Armstrong both noticed Lynette the first day she walked into the Vault. Working security for the club, they watch as she keeps others at arm’s reach—including her subs—and they suspect this beautiful, little blonde Domme comes with a complicated past. Although Deacon and Blake aren’t submissives, both men are ready to fall to their knees for a little attention from Mistress Lynette. And better yet, maybe they can convince her to let them take the lead.

But when her past comes back to haunt her, Lynette refuses to give up her newfound control. Blake and Deacon will do anything to keep her safe. But when pleasure turns to danger, perhaps it’s just too late for an exchange of power—even one that could give them more than they had ever dreamed…


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There’s a Little Role Reversal Happening Here

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
17 Authors, 17 erotic short stories all bundled together



Cleis Press
ISBN-13: 9781940550213

Kindle | Nook

High powered, high ranking…and in high heels.

The term sex object brings to mind a curvaceous starlet on a casting couch or an iconic, bee-stung-lipped beauty being pursued by a powerful, capable man. In Sex Objects, Devlin turns that concept upside down by allowing the woman to objectify a handsome, sensual man, using the concepts of role reversal and power play, but from a female perspective, to create something evocative and fun for the feminine, romance-reader.

A record executive plays hardball with her latest star in “Hush.” In “Taste Test,” a food critic is seduced with a gastronomic feast by a master chef. “Dark Circus” enchants with a story about a circus owner and a young accountant exploring a D/s relationship. A celebutante and her bodyguard get “Slap Happy.” In Devlin’s own “Butled,” a famous writer succumbs to the tender manipulations of her butler. Lush settings and creative cliche-busting will delight readers eager to embrace the passionate and surprising couplings.

These women are masters of their own domain, in charge and proud…capable of using sex for pleasure’s sake…but ultimately succumbing to the pull of desire and love created by the “objects” of their desire…


And my contribution to this highly charged erotic collection is
Game Night

A photographer who likes to play games entices a professional ball player into spending the evening in front of her camera – naked.

Game Night - Promo 2


To discover the other 16 short stories that make up this collection, check out

Delilah Devlin’s Collections 

In the coming days, each author in the collection will be posting about their specific story.  

There’s sure to be something for everyone in this bundle. 

New Release Announcement!

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Coming June 7th

The Next Story in The Vault Series!


Who gets to be the boss when they’re both used to being in charge?

Frankie Stevens has always preferred dirt and trucks to dresses and dolls. Wear a pair of heels? Never. Construction boots are as comfortable as a pair of slippers. Her dream is to make a name for herself in the construction industry, the world she grew up in, by running the company she inherited after her father’s death. Unfortunately, somebody is willing to sabotage her business to make sure she doesn’t succeed. Looks as if she needs a security professional to protect her assets. Too bad that professional turns out to be the devilishly handsome Gabe McBride. How can she be expected to get any work done with that dominant, infuriating man around?

Gabe McBride has some old-fashioned beliefs. Being “man of the house” after his father passed away and now part-owner of The Vault, an upscale BDSM club, he takes his role as protector very seriously. When he meets Frankie, he expects a hard-edged, been-around-the-block-a-few-times owner of a construction company. Instead he finds himself toe-to-toe with a feisty sprite, who swears like one her men and smells like lilacs and sawdust. Gabe feels like he’s stumbled across a fault line and is precariously straddling both sides. She may not fit any of the boxes on his perfect-woman checklist, but his head is jammed full of erotic images of her. He’s determined to protect her and uncover who is out to ruin her business, but she’s clearly a woman used to being in charge. Now he must get this beautiful, fiery woman to submit to him for both her safety and her pleasure…


Watch for more information to follow tomorrow…like all the buy links and an excerpt!



#spotlight Miss Taken by Milly Taiden, Raging Falls Book 1

Monday, January 18th, 2016
Miss Taken
by Milly Taiden
Raging Falls, Book 1

Waking up in some strange man’s bed was never big girl Kira Ardan’s goal for the day. Neither was waking up naked. Wait, naked? Someone had a lot of explaining to do and soon.

Luke Lyen is at the height of his need. He wants a mate and he wants her now. Finding the woman meant to be his brings out the lust he’s been fighting for days. If only she weren’t so stubborn, he might be able to get her to understand she is his. Then they could move on with dirty, freaky loving.

The big lion is doing things with his tongue that makes Kira’s brain cells melt. It will take more than a little danger to get this curvy woman to let go of her firm beliefs. She’s not interested in being anyone’s MINE, but maybe he can convince her to be HIS.


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Meet the Author2

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Milly Taiden (AKA April Angel) loves to write sexy stories. How sexy? So sexy they will surely make your ereader sizzle. Usually paranormal or contemporary, her stories are a great quick way to satisfy your craving for fun heroines with curves and sexy alphas with fur.

Milly lives with her hubby, their boy child and their little dog “Needy Speedy”. She’s aware she’s bossy, is addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn’t, right?) and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

She loves to meet new readers!

Salacious & Intoxicating – Two Collections from Secret Hungers

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Now Available from Secret Hungers

Two New Collections




A boxset, sure to satisfy contemporary BDSM, ménage and MM lovers, written by eight bestselling and award-winning erotic romance authors.



Meet the Author2


Michele Bardsley – NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author
Frisky Business (Frisky Romance #1)
BDSM Romance

Cynthia Sax -USA Today Bestselling Author
Seducing My Billionaire Boss
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Renee George – USA Today Bestselling Author
The Dirty Martini
MM Erotic Romance

Renea Mason – Amazon Bestselling & Award-winning Author
Curing Doctor Vincent (The Good Doctor, Book #1)
Winner – Shameless Book Club Awards – Most Original Plot
Ménage Erotic Romance

Erzabet Bishop – Amazon Bestselling & Award-winning Author
Red Hot (A Sapphire Club Masquerade Novella)
BDSM Erotic Romance

Blakely Bennett – Amazon Bestselling Author
Stuck In Between (Bound by Your Love)
Ménage Erotic Romance

Emma Nichols – Amazon Bestselling Author
Sin At Sea (A Sinful Series Novel)
Ménage Erotic Romance

Anne Lange – Amazon Bestselling & Award-winning Author
Blind Taste Test
Ménage Erotic Romance


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 A boxset, sure to satisfy erotic romance lovers, written by seven contemporary romance authors.





Meet the Author2


Rochelle Paige – Amazon Bestselling Author
Sucked Into Love
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Carlie Sexton
The Only One For Her
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Lexi Ostrow – Amazon Bestselling and Award-winning Author
Cop Shot
Contemporary Erotic Thriller

Fiona Murphy
A Favor
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Kassandra Wylde
One Summer
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Mariah Kingsley – Amazon Bestselling Author
When Forever Ends (The Maxwell Series, Book 1)
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Evelyn Aster
Masked Hearts (Book 1 in the Holiday Cafe Series)
Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance


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