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Highlander’s Portrait by C.A. Szarek

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

The Sexy Scribblers have a new collection!

Different genres, different authors, but one thing ties them together, a young woman who has special gifts.

And if she bestows one of her gifts on you, legend has it you’ll find your true love.

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Highlander’s Portrait


C.A. Szarek

is available NOW!

From the world of the Highland Secrets Trilogy!

Historical romance author Ashlyn George is an uninspired author. Writer’s block plagues her imagination, so her agent encourages her to go on a trip to Scotland that’s geared toward writers. She’ll try just about anything to put words on the page, since her latest manuscript is overdue.
She collides with a blue-eyed hottie that looks just like an old portrait she bought in an antique shop in Inverness.

As laird of his clan, Eoin MacLeod has been charged with protecting the famed Faerie Flag. When it changes hands, he has to ensure it’s safe—no matter when that may be. Using the Faery Stones, and his Fae blood, he time travels from the eighteenth century. He’s done it again and again, but this time he wants to bring the Flag back with him.

He didn’t count on a bonnie lass from the twenty-first century to argue, and claim it for herself. Her passion brings out desires in Eoin that make him want to put aside his duty and stake a claim of his own…on her.

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Legacy by Chanta Rand

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

The Sexy Scribblers have a new collection!

Different genres, different authors, but one thing ties them together, a young woman who has special gifts.

And if she bestows one of her gifts on you, legend has it you’ll find your true love.

Most of these books are up for Pre-Order now a began going live on January 16th.



Chanta Rand

is available NOW!

In 1930s Detroit, Jackson Chandler owns the most successful speakeasy in Black Bottom, one of the city’s poorest sections of town. Born into a family of wealth, he’s lived most of his life trying to distance himself from his uncle, a notorious cathouse owner. But with prohibition, a spoiled fiancée, and his family’s nefarious reputation, he’s got his own problems. When his club’s rumrunner is murdered by mobsters, things go from bad to worse. He needs a replacement, fast. With his legacy at stake, Jackson will do anything to protect his name and his club—including offering the job to someone no one would expect.

Jolene Edwards has seen her share of hard times. With a terminally ill grandmother to support, she does whatever is necessary to survive during the nation’s Great Depression. When an opportunity to become a rumrunner lands in her lap, she leaps at the chance to make enough money to lift herself out of poverty. The stakes are high. Transporting liquor illegally means danger, possible imprisonment, and dealing with Jackson Chandler, a man she can’t stand, but one she fights her attraction to from the moment they meet.

When the two realize they both have a connection to the same gold locket, they begin to see each other in a new light. One night, a near-fatal accident throws them together and forever changes their destiny.

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Check out the other books in the Enchanted Keepsakes Collection


#ReleaseBlitz Miranda’s Dilemma by Natasha Blackthorne

Friday, November 27th, 2015




Erotic Historical Romance ~ Courtesan/Non-virginal Heroine

Poised to become Mayfair’s most expensive and exclusive courtesan, Miss Miranda Jones finds her rise inexplicably blocked by a socially powerful nobleman. Scorned by her ducal father and determined to attain everything that life has denied her due to an accident of birth, she’s not about to let this arrogant earl stop her.

Adrian Sutherland, the Earl of Danvers, saw his father destroyed by a heartless, predatory courtesan. He has no time or patience for such exotic, expensive ladybirds. He’s far too busy restoring his family’s wealth and reputation whilst doing what he can to protect his friends from the clutches of all the scheming courtesans of London.

Then a moment of compassion turns intense dislike to breathless passion, and these two strong-willed, fiercely proud people are compelled to indulge in a brief affair. Each is convinced that they can satisfy their craving for the other without emotional risk.

But neither realizes that a little dalliance can be a dangerous thing.

Reader Advisory: This is an erotic historical romance and it contains frank sexual language and period appropriate sexual slang, frequent sexual scenes and descriptions and general bedchamber naughtiness. The characters discuss abuse issues from their backstories during the course of their developing relationship. For Adults 18 & Over Only.



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Natasha Blackthorne writes hot & sensual Erotic Historical Romance where deeply flawed characters find love & trust. Her stories are most frequently about the intimate journey of the characters as they learn to open their hearts to love.

Natasha’s heroines are not perfect ladies. They are wildflowers and wallflowers who flirt with the forbidden. Whether they are bold or shy, these heroines’ strong desires and deep emotions drive the plot and drive their heroes to the point of no return. Natasha’s heroes are strong and dominant and live their lives with strength and purpose. They support their women in everything.

Natasha holds a B.A. in History, loves reading, cats and music. Readers are welcomed to Friend her on Facebook where she is most socially active online.



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#NewReleases Valentines Heat is On Fire

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Is it hot in here?

Do you have a special Valentine

I have four for you.


Release Day Image


Four new collections of holiday heat…



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And my story is in Volume IV


The Perfect Moment, is a continuation of Angela, Tyler and Connor’s story from Friends with Benefits.

Join them as they discover what’s in store for them this Valentine’s Day.


Angela O’Neil has been waiting for the perfect moment to share a secret with her two husbands, and Valentine’s Day is it. But things take a turn for the worse when she sees red. Is she about to lose the one thing that would complete their three-way bond?


Here’s an unofficial sneak peek. X-rated of course…


Angela’s warm hands slipped into the waistband of his pants. She slid them around his body, her touch lighting a fire beneath his skin, causing his muscles to quiver. Pushing the denim over his hips, she tugged them down his legs until they settled around his knees.

Slowly, she lowered to the floor, finally removing her gaze from his as she came face to face with his hard cock. Her tongue slipped out to caress first her top lip, then her bottom, leaving them shiny and kissable.


Angela wrapped both hands around his length, left on top of right. She leaned forward and kissed the tip. Connor gulped as her tongue darted out and licked across the top of his cock. Her eyes drifted shut, her long lashes resting against the top of her cheek bones. Her hair spilled down her back in thick waves. God, she looked beautiful. Truly like an angel resting at his feet.

When she opened her mouth wide and took him inside, Connor gripped the counter on either side of him. She swirled the flat of her tongue over him, dipping to rub back and forth under the crest of his dick.  He hissed a breath between his teeth.  So warm. So soft and delicate. So incredibly sexy.

Such a fucking turn on.


* * *


Join me and the other authors today as we celebrate our newest release!  Friday, February 6 from 10 am to 8 pm CST.

Join the Release Party

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It’s Me Between Flint and Callm Today. Water Please!

Friday, April 4th, 2014


Oh, boy, I am so…oh gosh, I just can’t tell you how happy I am to have these to very fine gentlemen here with me today.  I mean, I had to drag them away from their ladies, but …oh yes.  To be nestled in between these two…strong, sexy, viral men.   Excuse me while I take a loooong drink of water, and quench this thirst I seem to have all of a sudden.


Okay, now, for my readers, I have for you today, my second ménage. My first was a simple story Friends with Benefits that released in January. And I have another short story coming out in a few weeks as part of The Sin Circus Anthology, but THIS…THIS one is for ME.  ME. ME. ME.  🙂  I get to be in the middle of these two yummy men.  Yup!

So now, I’ll introduce to you. Oh, wait, do I really want to do that? Damn it. I really, really want to keep them all to myself, but I did promise Shehanne.  Okay, fine, sitting on my right is James Flint Blackmoore from The Unraveling of Lady Fury and on my left is Callm McDunnagh, the Black Wolf of Lochalpin from His Judas Bride.






I had to swear to your ladies that I would behave, but *winks* they’re not here. And frankly, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.  😉 😉


So, I’ll get to the more mundane questions in few minutes, but first, the important matters need to be taken care of first. Flint, tell me, what do you like most in a woman?

(leaning closer ) Hmmmmm.  I’ll give you one guess, sweetheart. See, I ain’t complicated that way. 

Oh, no, sweetie pie, you sure ain’t. (clears throat). And Callm? What about you?  What’s your favorite hot spot?

Me? Well, Shehanne saddled me with ‘’Their soft laughs and lips. Warm skin and shapely bodies. Even the little secrets they sometimes kept.”  But now you’re asking hot spot, Princess, who gives a toss about their secrets, when this here, soft, luscious breast I can just smooth my palm over and this delicate path from there, down over….did you just say one?

Now, Callm, to be polite, I must say…behave yourself (leans in and whispers…but later, babe…) Now, Flint, if you could take your best lady out on a date, where would we, I mean you go?

Anne…just you name the place and hell, let’s just get to it.  (Anne smiles and flutters her eyes) I’m kind of hoping though that what you’ll say is upstairs is good. If you don’t, I sure will. But we can just stay right here and git to it, if that’s what you want.

Oh, Lord, baby…ahem….Callm, how do you like to spend your time at home with your lovely lady?

How do you think and where do you think, Princess? I could answer all the fancy stuff about us sitting before the fire gazing into one another’s eyes,  I am just happy to be with her surrounded by Fallon, Arland and Dug, etc,etc, etc, if that’s what you and your readers want to hear. But I was without a woman for five years  and before that well, five hours was as long as I could do. She knows her place I think…… So, nice candlelight, wine, furry warm bedspread, the firelight gleaming on these soft pretty curves of hers…   These curves that remind me of yours… And I see you’ve already got the candles lit….. as well as lighting mine…

(Anne, in an aside to the readers…notice how I’m not mentioning their intended’s names?  I’m taking notes.)  All of this is good to know, but I guess I really  should keep on track to at least pretend I’m doing an interview just in case you know who comes checking. 

Flint…why don’t you tell us how you really felt that first time you saw Lady Fury after so many years?

Me? You want an answer to that as opposed to just gitting to it? (Anne: Sorry, honey, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you know who is lurking around her somewhere. We have to put on a good show.) Fine. Fine. Well, sweetheart I was stunned. I mean I wasn’t expecting to see her EVER again.  What she was keeping in that box in her cellar at all, either.

 ‘ Course I went nosing. I mean her husband’s dead and she’s interviewing my employer with a view to procuring his services, who wouldn’t go nosing? But then, the worst of it, she wouldn’t go along with my offer when she should have considered herself lucky I made one.

I know how she loves her rules.  If you could make up some new rules for your intended today, what would the top three be?

Anne….what is acceptable to you?  I mean I’m a changed man, I understand it’s not all about what I want.  SO what do you think? Plenty kissing……? Hmmm? Plenty touching……? Especially here…?


Now, Callm, lets’ switch to you for a few moments.  Ah, just a sec though. I need my water. Okay, why did you let Kara go on for so long believing you were Ewen? The poor woman had no clue and you tortured her.

Me? Torture a woman when there’s so much I’d sooner do right here, right now? (Gazes into Anne’s eyes) You want me to answer this sensibly? IS that it? So you’ve something to show for this? Okay….   Hell why not? It was my glen. I didn’t want any McGurkie setting foot in it. I don’t care how pretty they are.  What they’re showing either.  Anyway me and the boys had a wager going. They thought seeing as she was Ewen’s fiancée, I might not torture her.  That was for starters anyway. I wasn’t exactly banking on her answering me back. Then I wasn’t exactly for letting her away with it. So yeah, I guess that got out of control. It was her fault of course. 

Of course.  How did you get the title, the Black Wolf?


Well…we know about wolves don’t we…how sexy they really are, how interested in sex they are too… Oh Okay….

The day my wife was raped and murdered, well, happens I met the devil that day. He gave me a black wolf pelt in exchange for my soul. As I explained to Kara when she wasn’t for answering my questions later either, it wasn’t just an ordinary pelt.  Do you think I’d sell my soul for an ordinary pelt I could have got myself? It let me take care of any business I needed taking care of. I formed the Brotherhood of Wolves that day too. Some were my bodyguards, some were men who had lost someone and they were as sick of it as I was.  They gave me the title. Now, Princess, does that answer all your questions…..?  Or do you want to ask me some more?

Just a few more.  Tell us about your daughter.  She’s quite proficient with a knife I’m told, and curses?  What’s her favorite word?

fallonYou mean the one beginning with F? The one that’s not for Fallon either?  She’s five and she’s small for that age. You try being left with a three week old baby and none of the right equipment.  DO you have family Anne? I’m sad she never knew her mother.

Yes, I have a family, and it would devastate me if I’d missed out on their lives.  Though, there are days when they become teenagers…well, I’ll let you learn that on your own.

Well, maybe you’ll understand, I want her to be able to take care of herself. That’s why I teach her the useful things, like knife throwing. And cursing even if it drives her aunt Meg crazy.

It must have been difficult raising her on your own.

Me? That’s why I can’t be without a good woman by my side, sweetheart. Okay I could say that’s what sisters are for but I don’t want to get thumped by any.  So seriously, I hereby give full marks and credit to my big sis, Meg , for giving up her all her own plans, everything,  to take care of Fallon, although it’s probably why Fallon curses so much. If I’d brought her up now….  Do you know Kara mistook Meg  as well. Sometimes I wonder about Kara, I really do.

And adding Arland to the family, has Fallon taught him a few tricks?

Oh, she likes him. She’s taught him a few words that weren’t in his vocabulary before. She’s taught him a few moves too.  Knife throwing ones that is. 

Good for her!  A strong woman is a good thing Callm.  And one who wields a knife and can curse like a sailor is a bonus!

Ah, Flint. I have a very special question to ask you. Two, no three actually. What was it like to be there for Fortune’s birth?

Well, it was incredible thinking I’d done that. Oh all right…  Seriously, I did think I was going to lose them both. That’s the truth and that’s why I was glad I had some knowledge. That’s also why I made that vow to let her have everything she wanted. And if that wasn’t me…well.   Anne, there’s you…..

Ssshh, Flint.  She hears everything.  *giggles* Back to serious now.  And, how was your first meeting with Storm?  Did she like her baby sister?

Storm? Now Anne you bringing up all this is just reminding me I’m a family guy now, so maybe we can’t have that date.  

Oh…damn it.  All the good guys….

Meeting Storm was incredible.  I don’t mind confessing seeing as it’s you. (Anne leans over and pats him on the thigh.) “You can confess anything to me, Flint. You know I have your back.”

I was nervous. She has that little bit of attitude–well, she’s Fury’s daughter isn’t she?  You know I think she was astonished she had a father. I mean you’d have thought Fury would have told her all about me.  Anyway, she’ wasn’t too broke up about the fact she’s had to come away with us, even if Fury did have her head stuffed with talk of fancy suitors and that.  As for Fortune and her…well, that’s a far bridge right now, but after trying to drop her over the side once, she is starting to like her.

LOL.  I think she has a bit of her father in her 😉 And finally, how has being a father changed you?  I hope not too drastically, because I have to say, I like Flint just as he is.  😉

Sweetheart, don’t you just  know how to flatter a guy and some. I hope you can tell the woman hasn’t been invented that can change me… That goes for Storm and Fortune.  I’m only different in that I wouldn’t do anything to spoil what I got.

And THAT’s what I love about you Flint!  🙂

Callm, how’s Dug? And why would you name your dog Dug?  You know she hung around my and Shehanne’s Christmas event.  Made a bit of a nuisance of herself too.  

Princess,  I’m a guy and Dug’s a dog. You don’t want me to call her anything do you? That would be   stretching my brain too much. As I said to Kara I could call her bitch but Dug doesn’t take kindly to that.  She doesn’t take kindly to being called boy either as Kara found out.  Maybe she only has three and a half legs but she’s savage.  Hung about your event? You should be glad she never chewed the PC screen. I can only guess someone must have flattered her.  She’s a pushover if you do that.

Must have been Shehanne.   She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?



You are both intelligent, some might say even a little conniving *wink* and definitely passionate. What do you each value most in a person?  And what do you despise the most?

Flint. That’s a hard one Sweetheart.  Don’t you have an easier question there? I mean had you said value in a woman, I could have shown you in a mirror. (water please!!!!)   Seriously I don’t like people who mistreat others.  It may surprise you but  I do like people who are straight about things.

Callm. Likes and loathes? Hmmm… You mean I can’t say what people I don’t like? That’s too bad though I suppose Ewen is behaving these days. I despise people who abuse whatever power they have be that power over hundreds of people, or one.  I value loyalty.   

Both of you are wonderful men and your ladies are extremely fortunate to have you in their lives.  But if they ever screw it up…you know where to find me 😉

And lastly, over your entire lifetime, what event strikes you the turning point in your life? And why?

FlintIt was definitely when I learnt about Storm.  See my momma was never done telling me how she wished she never had me, and I saw firsthand the kind of life she had when my daddy walked out.  But Fury did everything she did to keep Storm, to keep them both. SO I guess if you want to name one event, it was knowing I was  a daddy and knowing what she did. I wanted to put all that right and be a better guy for her.

CallmMy life’s been different. I suppose if you’re looking at turning points, I’ve had two. Obviously I have to say it was the day my wife Morven was murdered. Till then I was the chief’s son set to inherit the glen. But I have to follow that by saying the day I met Kara, because I saw what my life had become and how I wanted it back. 


What’s next for the both of you? Or rather, you and your families now? Other than taking me for dinner maybe.  Just because I’m special 🙂

Flint. To thank you for asking us here of course. And sure we are taking you to dinner. Candlelit at that. I mean after stealing that boat and helping Fury get rid of Thomas I’m only on the run ain’t I?

Callm.  Kara and I are obviously putting her glen in order and waiting for that new arrival…..sort of hinted at  the end of the book. So I think that dinner would be good…..  After all, we need to thank you.

Thank you, Flint and Callm for spending the time with me today in my own special ménage.  It has been an absolute panty melting experience! Boy it’s hot in here. *fans self*  And you can tell Shehanne, Fury and Kira that I behaved myself…mostly.  I did!  But I’m thinking I need to get them in here for a chat.   Maybe I can get them to share some secrets; you know woman to woman stuff.  LOL.  I do write erotic romance after all, I’ll call it research. 🙂



Shehanne_MooreShehanne Moore writes gritty, witty, historical romance, set wherever takes her fancy. What hasn’t she worked at while pursuing her dream of becoming a published author? Shehanne still lives in Scotland, with her husband Mr Shey. She has two daughters. When not writing intriguing historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds collide, she plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill-walking



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I absolutely love this woman and highly recommend her books.  Check them out.

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