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Monday, March 20th, 2017

Molly is ready to spend the holiday with friends. It’s the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner showed up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give.

When the woman he loved told him she needed space, Tanner gave her ten long years.  Now he’s back. He’ll settle for closure but hopes for a future. Sex with Molly is scorching hot and brings back plenty of memories.

When they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart.

Cover Credits:

Models: Lance Jones – Tattoo model & Kimberleigh Michelle
Photographer: Kruse Images & Photography: Models & Boudoir
cover designer Bookin’ It Designs

“It’s been a long time, Molly. I want you to know that I’m over it. I’m over what happened. How it ended. But I do need to understand. I need to know. Why did you break up with me? I thought we had a good thing.” He focused on her face. Without the aid of the campfire, he tried to search her eyes in the darkness, hoping he might somehow read her mind. “I never forgot you.” Not for a day in the ten years since he’d seen her, had he forgotten how she looked, what she smelled like. How good it felt to hold her, to touch her.

To kiss her.

To make love to her.

Raw, undiluted pain filled her eyes. It was a brief flash, and his gut clenched at the token glimpse.

“I don’t know what to say to you.”

He stepped in front of her and stopped, swiveling around to face her. She stumbled a bit on the gravel to avoid crashing into him. His hands clenched into fists in his pockets—the need to take her in his arms overwhelming. “Look at me.”

She lifted her chin, her head slowly tilting back until the features of her face were revealed. Even in the darkness, he saw uncertainty and panic struggling to stay buried behind those wide eyes. Regret sucker-punched him, but he couldn’t let it go that easily. After ten long years, he deserved answers.

Tanner grabbed her hand again, spun on his heel, and dragged her toward a path leading into the trees. She balked, pulling backward. He stopped again. “We should talk somewhere we won’t be interrupted.” Unrelenting, he leveled her with a look.

She lifted her shoulders and let them fall in a slow, fake shrug of indifference.

It had been a long time since he’d been into the park, but he remembered this footpath well. It wound around and would eventually come out behind where they were camped. She followed him until they came to a secluded spot a few feet off the main path. He walked over to a large tree, propped his back against it, shoved his hands in his pockets again, and braced one foot against the tree, hoping to appear casual.

Taking slow, cautious steps, she crept closer, stopping when she stood a few feet before him. “So you’re moving to Ottawa.”

“Actually, the deal’s not done yet.”

“But you said—”

“I know what I said, Molly. I do want to move back. But it depends on you.”

“On me? What does it have to do with me?”

“Are you seeing anybody?” The iridescent glow from the full moon filtered down through the branches, providing enough light for him to see her, but with her head ducked, her features were in shadow. He couldn’t see enough of her face or her eyes. He was desperate to see her eyes.

“Not that it’s any of your business. But no. Not at the moment.”

“I’m not either.”

She cast him a quick look of surprise. “Why aren’t you? You’re handsome and, from what I gather, successful. Why aren’t you married or committed to some lucky girl?”

He reached out and grabbed her hand, yanking her closer to him.

Gasping, she fell into his chest.

He gathered her close, spinning around to place her against the tree while he leaned in close to ensure she stayed put. She stiffened, surprise in her eyes.

“I’ve never forgotten you or what we had. You meant everything to me.” He put it out there. The pain he’d held in since that day she’d told him it was over, laced his words.

Molly dropped her gaze. “I never meant to hurt you.”

Shifting to the left, she made a move to step away from the tree, away from him, but he edged in close, stalling her. He placed his finger under her chin, tipping her face toward the moonlight. He gazed down into her eyes. “Why then? Why did you end it the way you did?”

“I had to… I… Never mind, I just had to.” She trembled as she choked out the last.

“I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you somehow?” His mind raced over their past, as it had many times, trying to figure out what happened. When things changed.

“Of course not.” Her conviction put him at ease, a little bit at least.

“Did somebody else do or say something?” Unexpected rage ripped through him. Good God, had somebody hurt her?

“No. No, it wasn’t anything you or anybody else did.” She tried to pull out of his grasp.

He held steadfast, closing the distance until his chest grazed hers. He pinned her to the tree.

“Please. Let me go.”

“I want answers.”

“I can’t—”

Standing this close to her, for the first time in years, her heart beating a rapid flutter against his chest did wild things to his body. His heartbeat sped up, sweat popped out on his forehead, and his cock hardened to steel. He dropped his gaze to her mouth. Her lush lips parted, warm breaths blew out in little spurts, fluttering against his neckline. He knew he shouldn’t rush this. He’d come with a plan to get her back, if she’d take him. But no way could he stop.

“I want the truth. I suppose I can wait a little longer if you’re not ready.” For answers. He could wait for answers. Touching her, tasting her, was a different thing altogether. “But I do have something I need to give you.” He hesitated, questioning his intention. Screw it. “I’m sorry, but I can’t resist, and you’re too desirable.”

He bent his head low, paused, and pressed his lips to hers. It should have been gentle, but it wasn’t. Unless she pushed him away, or told him no, the need to kiss her was vital, her taste essential.

She stilled.

He tensed, expecting her to do just that when she raised her arms and placed her palms against his chest. He held his breath, his body trembling while he waited. A heavy sigh escaped her mouth, and she curled the tips of her fingers into his shirt. With a soft whimper, she lured him closer, leaning into his body, taking his kiss.

A flood of emotions strangled him—anger, relief, basic sexual need. Pressing his highly aroused body solidly against hers, he flattened his palms against the tree on either side of her head. A moan rose from his chest. He swept his tongue inside her mouth, dueling with hers. He touched the soft insides of her cheeks and the smooth surface of her teeth, absorbing her unique essence, which was even better than he remembered. He drew back to lick along her bottom lip, placing small kisses at the corners, and then dove back in for more, angling for a closer connection. A sense of urgency began to build.

God, he’d missed this

~ * ~ 

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It’s the Worth the Risk Cover Reveal

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Note: this is a re-release of my debut novel that was released in Jan 2013 through Etopia Press. Same title, different cover. The story has been re-edited and about 1200 words added to enhance the story, but it has not been significantly altered in any way. The book will be sold at a cheaper price than the original version, however, unless you would like an updated version, there is no need to repurchase the book.

A weekend of hot sex can’t erase past heartbreaks, but it might lead to a better tomorrow.

Molly arrives at a beautiful park, ready to spend the holiday camping with friends. This weekend is the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give.

Years ago, Molly Simpson broke his heart. When the woman he loved told him she needed space, Tanner gave it to her—for ten long years.  Now he’s back. He’ll settle for closure but hopes for a future. Sex with Molly is scorching hot and brings back plenty of memories. When they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart.

It may be time to deal with the past. But is reliving it worth the risk?


“Come for me, baby.”

She froze. That quick, the climax that had been spiraling out of control fizzled and sputtered out. She collapsed against the bed and swallowed back an anguished cry, biting her lip hard in the process. “Stop.” She pushed him away when he reached for her and sat up, struggling to back up against the headboard.

“Molly, what’s wrong?” He remained on his knees at the side of the bed, confusion marring his handsome face.

She squeezed her eyes tight and sighed. When she opened them, his face shimmered out of focus. “Tanner—” She licked her dry lips to try again.

He waited.

Her heart cracked wide open. God help her, she couldn’t do this to him? Words fell from her mouth, stumbling over each other in her haste to spit them out.

But it wasn’t the words she’d practiced.

Tanner loved her. He’d want to take care of her. She refused to destroy his plans when he could do nothing anyway. “I can’t do this anymore. I think we should split up.”

His head lurched back, and an odd sound exploded from his throat. “What? Is this a joke?”

“No. It’s no joke. I’m sorry.” She grabbed the comforter, wrapping it tight around her body, right up to just under her chin. Distance. She needed distance.

“I’m confused, Molly. Everything’s been good. We’re graduating; we’re ready to begin our lives. What do you mean you can’t do this anymore? For Christ’s sake, we’ve been together forever.”


He jumped to his feet and marched a few steps away. He stopped, spinning to stare at her, his mouth hanging open as he swept his arm back and forth between them. His words, when they came, filled her with anguish. “What the hell was this? A good-bye fuck?”

She flinched at the harshness in his voice. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately,” she tried. She hated this. But thought it best, for Tanner. He had such a bright future. “I’ve never been on my own. I need to be on my own for a little while.” Cold seeped into her fingers and toes. Tiny shivers racked her body. Molly held tighter to the blanket, willing her teeth not to chatter, not to stutter over the words she struggled to say. “We’ve never dated anybody else Tanner. Maybe—“

“Maybe what?” he demanded, his eyes a mix of anger and deep hurt.

“She gulped over the lie lodged in her throat. “I believe we owe it to ourselves to explore our options.” Inwardly she winced. What a grown-up piece of crap.


Cover Credits Go To:

Cover Photo: Copyright Kruse Images and Photography

Models:  Lance Jones and Kimberleigh Michelle

Cover Design: Bookin’ It Designs


Available Tuesday, March 7th!

Check out Molly & Tanner’s Kiss at the New Year’s Kisses Party 2014

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Kisses 2014 New Years Party

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Check out a never seen before excerpt from Worth the Risk. My novella that debuted last January.



The Fussy Librarian Features Worth the Risk

Sunday, November 24th, 2013


Worth the Risk is being featured Monday (that’s tomorrow, Nov. 25) at The Fussy Librarian, a new website that offers personalized ebook recommendations. You choose from 40 genres and indicate preferences about content and then the computers work their magic. It’s pretty cool — check it out!

Worth the Risk by Anne Lange

Worth the Risk by Anne Lange

#HomeHolidayHop…It’s the Holiday Season & it’s the Time for Sharing!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

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November 13th – November 18th
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IMG-20111223-00002 - 1I just love the holiday season. I love the lights, the music and the special movies on T.V. Christmas is just around the corner.  I love the excitement in the air. I love the idea of buying gifts for friends and family. Though I don’t enjoy wrapping them! LOL.

Traditions are my thing at this time of year.  And one in particular is all those special treats we make. One of my favorite recipes that I do every year is my whipped shortbread. But I’ve already shared that particular recipe on my site.  They are melt in your mouth delicious.  Check here for those buttery morsels.

So, I decided to share another of my favorites. One of my special traditions at our holiday breakfast table.  I go all out – it’s a feast in of itself. A number of years back I discovered a recipe for an Oven Apple Pancake. You can find it in Company’s Coming for Christmas by Jean Paré. © 1996 by The Recipe Factory Inc.  An oh, man, is it yummy.

Open Apple Pancake

Serve with maple syrup

  • ¼ cup of butter or hard margarine

    Photo of Apple Pancake © Diana Rattray as shown on Southern Food

    Photo of Apple Pancake © Diana Rattray as shown on Southern Food

  • 1/3 cup  brown sugar, packed
  • Light sprinkle of ground cinnamon
  • 2 apples, peeled, cored and sliced in wedges ¼ or 6mm thick
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¾ cup of milk
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  1. Melt butter in 9 inch pie plate in 425°F oven
  2. Stir brown sugar into melted butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
  3. Overlap apples in a single layer over top of mixture and then cook in oven for 10 minutes.
  4. Beat eggs with a spoon in a bowl.  Add milk, salt and flour.  Stir to moisten. Remove large lumps but don’t try to smooth out all the small lumps.
  5. Pour over apples.
  6. Return to oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.   It will rise up, but lower back down when you removed it from the oven.
  7. Cut into wedges and serve hot. Don’t forget the syrup 🙂

It’s great warmed up later too!

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Now, I’m going to give away  an e-copy of my debut release that came out almost one year ago. Worth the Risk is a reunion story with a sad history behind why Molly and Tanner split up so long ago.  Ten years later, they’re reunited, but is the torch they still carry for each other enough to reignite their love? Or, will secrets from the past continue to keep them apart?

Do you have a special treat or tradition that is must every holiday season? Just leave a comment and tell me. But don’t forget to leave your name and email.

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Happy Holidays!