The Perfect Moment

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  • SubSeries: Friends and More (Book 1.5)

eBook Release Date

  • Original Release Date (anthology ebook): February 2015; Etopia Press
  • Re-release Date (Stand Alone): February 2016, hotRom Publishing

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  • Release Date (print): Not Applicable

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Angela O’Neil has been waiting for the perfect moment to share a secret with her two husbands, and Valentine’s Day is it. But things take a turn for the worse when she sees red. Is she about to lose the one thing that would complete their three-way bond?


Angela O’Neil has been waiting for the perfect moment to share a secret with her two husbands, and Valentine’s Day is it.

But things take a turn for the worse when she sees red. Is she about to lose the one thing that would complete their three-way bond?

Praise for The Perfect Moment



“I read a lot of ménage books but most of them just seem to skip over the difficulties of being out in society. Friends with Benefits shows a whole different side and I loved that. It was refreshing to see an author show the not so fun side of being with two men. It made me appreciate the book so much more because it felt real. … If you are looking for a super-hot ménage with an amazing plot then this is your book. It was probably one of the top five ménages I have ever read because it showed the good with the bad. It seems like a trivial detail but it worked for me.”

5star Read full review from Kaylyn at Riverina Romantics

“What a nice ménage romance! A dream came true…All three main characters were lovable. It was not about falling in love after the first orgasm with the third character and I am so thankful to the author about that. It was progressive. … Overall, it is a very nice contemporary ménage à trois romance and I definitely recommend it.”

4star Read full review from Mary’s ménage Whispers

“This story is about a fantasy many women have but more will never get to live out, watching Tyler’s acceptance of what his wife wants and bring it to life was great to read. You see his love shining through and while he has an ulterior motive he is doing everything for Angela’s happiness. Conner is a dream in and of himself hot sexy carpenter seducing the bored housewife where do I sign up? This has lots and lots of hot sweaty action, but it also has a great story involved as well. Great book I’ll definitely read again!”

5star Read full review from BookJunkyGirls

“I really enjoyed the story.  I thought it flowed really well and just love how the author was able to keep things very sexy and hot then for me being pornish, if you know what I am saying?  It was very tactful and not crude.  It reminded me of Lora Leigh’s Forbidden Pleasure.  Same plot, but still enjoyable. … I love the chemistry between them all, it was hot, it definitely burned the pages.   I cannot wait to see what happens, can for sure tell there will be much more. If you are looking for a quick and sexy read, then this one is for you.”

5star Read full review from Shay44 for Crystal’s Many Reviewers


“Hey, sweetheart. Nice nap?”

“Yes. I swear, I only sat down for a few minutes to read over a report I’ve been working on and I guess I fell asleep.” He heard her jaw crack, she yawned so wide.

“Sounds like you’re still tired.”

“Nope, I’m good. That cat nap did wonders.”

“That wasn’t any cat nap, Angela. You’ve been asleep for over two hours.”

“What! That can’t be right. Damn. I guess I should get dinner started then. Tyler will be home any time.”

He turned around, placing his hands on her hips. “Already taken care of.”

“Awe, aren’t you a fantastic husband. Thank you.” She cocked a delicately arched brow and gave him a naughty leer. “I think for that you deserve a treat.”

His breath stuttered and his cock twitched in delight, but he tamped it down and placed his hands on her shoulders with the intent of setting her away from him. “Seriously, sweetheart, why don’t you take it easy? Read for a bit or watch some television. I’ve got things covered in here.”

Angela edged closer and batted those baby blues of hers before she dropped her gaze, her hands moving to his belt—those dainty fingers fast and loose with the buckle. “But I’d much rather give you this present. And, in fact, this particular type of gift not only gives, but it also receives,” she said, her voice all husky from her nap. She glanced up at him from beneath a fringe of dark lashes. “And I’m definitely in the mood to receive.”

He sucked in a breath as she tugged the leather through the metal buckle, then undid the button on the top of his jeans. Angela lowered the zipper, her gaze glued to his, her eyes widening ever so slightly, her pupils dilating as she pulled it down, tine by tine, drawing out the moment, building the anticipation for both of them. The furnace kicked on and the hiss of heated air being forced through the vents filled the kitchen, along with a few sizzles and pops from the chicken in the oven. He could smell the garlic salt he’d been liberal with, mixed in with a hint of fresh rosemary. His mouth watered, but it wasn’t for the food.

He should stop her. “Angela—”

“Take off your shirt, Connor. I want to see that hot-as-hell six pack.”

He smirked at the order. Knowing she had no intention of listening to him, and unable to resist her, he did her bidding, yanking his shirt over his head and tossing it to the opposite counter. He didn’t want anything obstructing his view.

Angela’s warm hands slipped into the waistband of his pants. She slid them around his body, her touch lighting a fire beneath his skin, causing his muscles to quiver. Pushing the denim over his hips, she tugged them down his legs until they settled around his knees. Slowly, she lowered to the floor, finally removing her gaze from his as she came face to face with his hard cock. Her tongue slipped out to caress first her top lip, then her bottom, leaving them shiny and kissable.




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