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  • Release Date (ebook): April 10, 2017; hotRom publishing

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  • Release Date (print): April 10, 2017; hotRom publishing

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Love doesn’t last, not even in Forever.


Sadie has been disappointed time and again and gives no credence to the myth she’ll one day find her true love. Her small hometown offers little in the way of opportunity, excitement, or anonymity, but guilt and resentment keep her Forever bound.

Asher craves distance from the city and the business his father insists he join. He’s hoping the quaint town of Forever will spark his muse and give him clarity to make major life decisions. He’s not looking for love, but a strange encounter and an odd gift give him a glimpse into a future where his destiny becomes clearer every day.

Praise for Her Choice


2015 First Place Erotic Romance



“The author does a wonderful job working in their past into a tight frame period. The book covers a weekend but oh what a weekend. The authors style of writing is easy to follow as she takes you through one wild night of passion. I would have liked to have read about their card game and how this came about but she fills you in with the important things. I found myself laughing along with the characters as they make their way through the dance of lost love only to find there are still feelings. What you end up with is a wonderful humorous story with lots of passion. The author gives you a story with lots of steam why she takes her character on a dance of one step forward and two steps back. Can these two get into the right two step to find they never got over each other? I found the story to be a wonderful light heartwarming read that gives you a feeling of peace as you watch these wonderful character reach for the second chance of love. I look forward to reading more from this author.

5star Read full review from Cyn

Anne Lang hits a homerun with her novella Sliding Into Home about second chances. It’s an easy-to-read story, full of self-exploration and emotion. A set-up between friends is the catalyst with Las Vegas the setting for a fun tale of life changes and the decisions they bring. Character development is good as both Jack and Devyn have a history both with each other and without to contend with.

4star Read full review from Tangled Hearts Book Reviews

“This was a great fast read. The characters were great, they were funny, sexy. Their interactions were smooth and the story flowed very well. Jack and Devyn re-find each other with the help of their meddling friends. The spark is certainly still there after all this time as well as the deeply hidden love they once shared. Jack needs something to save him from himself and Devyn may be the one to open his eyes to it. It was fun to read about their wild night in Vegas and the morning after. This was a great book to curl up with . It didn't have a lot of drama, but plenty of steam as well as re-finding lost love.

4star Read full review from The Book Quarry

LOVED IT! I am a woman who loves romance novels and who also loves sports and this story hits it out of the park! when I began the story I was thinking what kind of friends do Jack and Devyn have, but once I got further in, I realized they were the best possible friends!! Jack and Devyn have a history and neither have really moved on from when they were in high school together. The heat and sparks they share jump off the pages. Friends, alcohol, and Vegas are not always the best trio, but in Sliding Into Home they are a triple play for love! I enjoyed seeing how Devyn could bring out the best in Jack and Jack in Devyn. They are a perfect match. I read this in one sitting and it was exciting from cover to cover..”

5star Read full review from Gerianne Slavinsky



“Forever is a load of crap.”

Sadie glanced up from the fashion magazine she held open in her hands. She’d been stuck on the same article while she listened to her mom grumble under her breath.

Sadness welled in Sadie’s chest creating a hard lump. Every year she faced the same thing. Her mom used to be such a beautiful and exuberant woman. Then she’d lost her husband. Not to health problems or an accident, but to the internet, of all things. Sadie still resented her father for what he had put her mother through with every fiber of her being.

When Sadie discovered boys, her father found chat rooms and younger women. When he found one he liked better than her mother, he walked out of their lives. He left only a note addressed to Sadie.

That year had been the worst time of her young life. She watched as a dark bitterness took root in her mother’s heart, draining every ounce of joy and life right out of her. For years, Sadie watched her mother bury her emotions. She never spoke about what happened. She never moved on. She never met another man and remarried.

Sadie empathized with her mother.

She hated her father.

“Mom, why do you continue to watch holiday specials if you don’t like them?” With Thanksgiving around the corner, the made-for-television movies started airing on the networks. Sadie suspected her mother tuned into them as a particular sort of penance.

“Romance may be real. But love is a crock,” her mother said. “Love doesn’t last forever. Until the day I die, I’ll never understand why women expect men to remain in a committed relationship.” As usual, she ignored Sadie’s question, instead turning to point a scrawny finger. “You mark my words, Sadie. You, and only you, are responsible for your happiness. You can’t trust any man to make you happy. No man will ever do that for you.” Her mother returned to staring at the television, but added almost under her breath, “You don’t want to end up like me.”

That year had been the worst time of her young life. She watched as a dark bitterness took root in her mother’s heart, draining every ounce of joy and life right out of her. For years, Sadie watched her mother bury her emotions. She never spoke about what happened. She never moved on. She never met another man and remarried.

One might think her situation was an anomaly in a quaint town where the legend said couples who met and fell in love in Forever remained together forever. It was no legend. It was a myth; one she’d seen debunked countless times.

She had watched other kids around her live through a divorce. She comforted her good friend as she suffered through two failed marriages. She even let her own guard down once and foolishly believed she had found ‘the one’. What a joke that turned out to be.

Men start as boys who tease girls for entertainment. They grow into young men who care more about scoring than building relationships. Then they become adults with wandering eyes and a thirst for greener grass. The word commitment doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

Sadie closed the magazine and placed it back on the coffee table. “Hey, why don’t I stay for dinner?”

“I’m not hungry, dear. I ate a big lunch.”

“You were eating a cup of soup and half a grilled cheese sandwich when I got here. That’s not a big meal. And I bet it’s the only thing you’ve eaten all day. Last time I looked, you had a frozen lasagna in the freezer. How about I heat it up and make a small salad?”

Her mother waved her away, never taking her eyes off the television. Which meant Sadie would stick around for another couple of hours and they’d have lasagna for dinner.

Sadie headed into the kitchen to prepare their meal. She should have moved away years ago, gone away to school, and experienced life beyond her hometown. Throughout high school, she had dreamed of leaving Forever and creating a brand new existence in a big city somewhere. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Perhaps Chicago. Major cities provided options. Jobs. Entertainment. Education. Anonymity.

If only she could bring herself to leave her mother.

But oh, how she’d wanted to. Sadie fantasized about leaving a wide trail of dust behind her as she made her escape from this small town. The irony of the whole situation was her mother’s refusal to do the same. For a woman who didn’t believe in happily ever after, she refused to leave the town that promised it. She rebuffed any attempts Sadie had made over the years to talk her into it. She said Forever was her home. Her parents lived and died in this tiny hole in the wall in North Dakota and she would too.

With no other family to lean on, Sadie couldn’t bring herself to walk away and follow her own dreams.

The shuffle of feet on hardwood announced her mother’s arrival as the timer on the stove dinged. Sadie slid the tray of lasagna into the oven.

“I’ve heard Lorraine Drummond’s sister and nephew are in town to help her out.” Her mother retrieved plates from the cupboard and placed them on the table. She pulled cutlery from the drawer.

Sadie stood and turned, propping her hands against the counter. “I didn’t realize Lorraine even had a sister.”

Lorraine owned the local ice-cream shop. Everyone loved a trip to The Dairy for a scoop or two and to catch up on town gossip. She ran a tight but welcoming ship. Sadly, the poor woman had been dealt a difficult hand. First, she lost her husband two years ago, and then she fell and broke her leg a few weeks ago.

“Amanda. She and Lorraine left town years ago. Amanda’s never been back.”

“How come I never knew Lorraine was from here?”

“I guess it never came up. Lorraine stayed away until her parents died and then she returned with her husband.” Her mother frowned as she finished setting the table. “See, nothing lasts forever. Lorraine and Gus had only ten years together.”

“Were you in the same grade as Lorraine or her sister?”

“Lorraine is a year older than me. Amanda and I were in the same class. They moved away as soon as we all finished high school. They never liked small-town life. “

Sadie understood the feeling. “Why did Lorraine come back then?”

“To settle her parents’ estate. After that, she and her husband decided to stay.”

Sadie recalled the old farmhouse that burned down a few months before Lorraine and her husband appeared in town. The elderly couple who lived there died in their bed, overtaken by smoke inhalation.

“What about the sister?”

“I heard Amanda married some big-wig computer guy and lives in New York.” Her mother crossed the kitchen to the coffee machine. She didn’t say another word as she selected a tea and waited for her cup to fill and the machine to power down. “I hope she found what she was looking for.”

Her mother left the kitchen with her cup of tea in hand, leaving Sadie to finish preparing dinner. She set the table in silence and pulled the ingredients she needed from the fridge to make a small garden salad. When the aroma of pasta baking filled the kitchen, Sadie let her thoughts drift over the past.

Over the years, she had dated a few boys she’d grown up with. But like her mother, she had no interest in a commitment. Many left to complete their education. Those who came back did so with girlfriends.

Then three years ago, she thought she’d found him. She had finally met the man who put all the others to shame. The one who said he loved her. The man who wanted a future with her. And she’d let herself love him back.

For every defensive wall she’d built, he tore them down brick by brick. He’d made her believe her mother was wrong. That love did exist if you searched long and hard enough.

She’d been wrong.

She’d been fooled. Again.

Sadie was confident of two things. Forever was not a word to be used lightly. Few people had the ability to stick around for the long term. And one day she would leave this tiny-ass town and start over in some city, a place where she would find her happiness. She hoped and wished for that day. It remained in her dreams, just out of reach. One day, however, she would wrap her fingers around it and hang on tight.

Because leaving Forever was the one goal she would achieve, no matter how long it took.



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